5. Chapter 5

Sophie's mind went blank as she witnessed the bond like scene she was just pulled into. Nestled in Tariq arms, a table now became a shield as he whipped out a gun from no-where and shot one guy in the leg, another in the shoulder. It was so quick she could of blinked and missed it. He  pulled her up and casually walked around behind the kitchen bench, holding on to her hand as she trailed behind and shooting guy number 3 as came through her front door when they went past, she wasn't sure where the bullet went this time. They were in her bedroom now and all she could think about was where on earth he had kept a gun in such figure hugging clothes, it seemed the only sane thing to think upon in the moment. Flinging open the window, he looked outside, "we have 2 minutes" he said seriously as he looked at his watch, "put your legs around me!"

"what?" sophie replied  looking up at him, this wasn't the time she thought feeling like nothing was making sense.

He looked at her funny, rolled his eyes and said "we are going out this way, i need you to hang on to my back".

She thought it was absurd that she was now going to piggy back a grown man out the window, but then everything was getting stranger by the minute. With one swift move, they were hanging out the window.

"Hold on" he said

She knew how high they were so she dug every part of herself into his body. He managed to scale a ledge to the next window and then around the corner to a drain pipe. From which he climbed down without much exertion. She let go and looked up in wonderment. Did that just happen was all she could think. But Tariq didnt seem to even ponder, he grabbed her by the hand and kept walking fast down the street.

"Why couldnt we have just walked out the door?" she asked breathlessly as they rushed down the street.

"There were two men waiting down the stairs".


As fast as they walked, Tariq didnt seem to think they were any further from the danger. A dark looking BMW pulled to the curb up the street from them.

"Dammit" he muttered under his breath. He then whisked her into a small Chinese grocery shop, walking through the aisle he made his way towards the back door. Sophie looked as a the owner came after them yelling in his native tongue. Tariq calmly looked at him and spoke back in the same language and made a gesture with his hands to the front door. The owner smiled knowingly and let them continue on.

"what did you say?" she asked as they winded their way down some back streets.

"I told him your mother was outside"

"and that works?" she asked in disbelief

"usually 9 out of 10 times" he shrugged

She looked at him again, he was so calm, controlled and yet on edge at the same time. Who was this man.

They were now in a small parking lot in some isolated back road. Nearing a small red mazda, he pulled out a small wire from one of his pockets, and opened the car. Getting it started through the transmission wires, he motioned her to get in. For a second she wondered if she should actually be jumping in the car with this guy. But then the thought of that bullet flying over her head made her a hundred percent sure.


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