4. Chapter 4


"Sophie" he sighed, finishing her words for her  and then sat at the end of the bed wearily.

She looked down, her knees up against her chest and arms wrapped tightly around them.

"How do you know Anna?" she asked sadly. "Were you one of her lovers?".

He laughed bitterly. "Not exactly".

"It was week before our birthday when i found out she died" sophie continued "We hadn't seen each other much for the past five years but i thought it would be a time to reconnect. It would be how it use to be when we were younger. Its strange having a twin, the thing is when you lose them, they still live on in you somehow".

She glanced over him and noticed he seemed a little shaken, she too, it was a very odd situation, but it was not the first time someone had confused her for her late sister and time had made it easier to relay the sad truth without too much emotion these days. .

Silence fell between them.

"Do you want a cup of tea?" she asked, feeling sorry for him. It was probably the first time he had heard such news.

"A cup of tea would be perfect" he responded and followed her somberly to the kitchen.

Putting the kettle on she leaned back and looked at him. He was so muscular, he looked like he could give rambo a run for the money. This made her laugh ironically, thinking he wanted her victorian wash stand.

"Whats so funny?" he asked coming out of his sadden state with an amused yet confused eyes.

"Whats your name?" she interjected, not wanting to tell him her silly thoughts and thinking how surreal the last 10 minutes had been.

"Tariq" he smiled.

The breath nearly knocked out of her, his smile could melt butter. She could see that him and Anna had to have been more than friends. Fumbling with the tea cups, she was able to compose herself enough to put them on the table. Sitting down there was nothing but silence between them and the rain tapping at the windows.

"How did you get in?" she asked "was it  through the window?" thinking about the slightly open window.

"The front door" he replied as he put a cube of sugar in his cup.

She knew she had locked the door behind her so she didn't push the subject. She could feel her attraction for this man deepening at every second and was finding it harder to not look at him. "How do you know Anna?" she questioned again, trying to calm herself and make sense of the situation.

"We were friends" he replied stirring his tea. His closed smile unreadable.

She thought about his exotic looks. "Is your family from england?" she asked trying to make small talk, as it seemed to aid her nerves.

"My father is English he said, my mother is from Iran".

Ahh so she had guessed right about the middle east "How did they meet?" she asked, her interested peaked.

"My father comes from wealthy english gentry" he responded, his thoughtful eyes gazing out windows. "his mother was particularly fond of collecting Persian antiques, My mothers father was on the other end of the spectrum, a poor trader in Iran who would sometimes have the good fortune of selling an antique. My father went on a voyage with his mother to collect some new pieces, my grandmother came back with a precious 4th century bowl and my father came back with a wife. My father said he got the better deal" he laughed

Sophie laughed too, "I wish my parents had more of a romantic story like that" she said.

"I know" he said now looking sadly at her, his eyes holding that he strangely knew a lot about her family. "How do you know them?" she asked a little bewilder by his familiarity with her family and also his warm gaze. But he didn't answer. The smile was gone and is whole body looked deadly still.

"Did you say something about the window?" he asked in a serious voice.

"Yes it was open when i got..." she couldn't finish her answer as he pulled her under the table just as a bullet flew over her head.

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