3. Chapter 3

Sophie screamed. Though it didn't last long as he moved swiftly crushing her into his muscular body, one arm locking her in and his hand on her mouth. She started to panic, she did not think that this was how her life would end, or would it end, she was confused and felt herself start to hyperventilate.

"Why do you want to play this game?" he demanded in a strong British accent.

Her heart raced, oh no he thought she was leading him on in the cafe. Then she stopped herself and the strangest thought came to her head. "Your British?" she muffled under his hand.

He maneuvered her so that she was facing him now. He looked at her quizzically. "So you want to play this game" he said, his voice less sure, "Of course i am British!"

She stared up at him, even though he was about to do god knows what to her, she felt a calm come over her and couldn't help but notice his ridiculous good looks. Maybe she must of been staring to much in awe because he started to look disconcerted.

"Why are you here?" he asked

"I live here" she responded shakily, noticing now that both hands were firmly gripping her shoulders instead. He looked at the bed, Oh no she thought inwardly, panic gripping her again. "Please don't rape me" she said out loud thinking her voice sound very high pitched.

He looked shocked and let go. "If i wanted to do that, i would have done it when you had nothing but your towel on" came a serious reply.

It was time for her to look puzzled. "Do you want some of my furniture then" she said looking at the Victorian wash stand, "as really i don't have much money, My father does" she continued and then stopped herself realising she was giving this guy too much information.

"I know your father does' he retorted angrily "You shouldn't be here" he furthered, his hands back to gripping her shoulders.

"But i live here" she replied confused, thinking this conversation was starting to sound like a merry go round and then getting lost again looking at well toned muscles that flexed beneath his shirt. Hearing his steady breath, she looked up into his eyes and had seen the look of anger was replaced by another look, something a lot more earthy. Looking like he was going to pull her in for a kiss he instead pushed her towards the bed, his whole body showing he was ready to join, but the muscles in face tightened and he drew away.

"Leave Anna" he said to her. "If you have one sane bone in your body, leave".

Then it washed over sophie, the realisation hit home. "Anna is dead" she said back to him. "My sister Anna is dead".

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