2. Chapter 2

Sophie could feel her clothes becoming damp as she continued home. Her woolen stockings were already itching against her skin. Her mind kept thinking back to the extremely attractive staring guy she had now pet named Mr Sexy beard, it gave her giggles saying the name in her head. The florist  next door to her home was still open so she grabbed some bright yellow flowers to brighten up the apartment. Walking up the stairs she could hear the sloshing of her wet boots upon the ground and the next door neighbors little dog barking his head off. Annoying little mutt she thought. Home was a decent sized 1-bedroom apartment, it had been left to her by her late wealthy grandmother and still had some priceless victorian pieces. She had added her own flavour too, furnishing it with a lot of white and some ikea wooden self assembled projects. In the summer time, it usually sparkled, in the winter she felt like it just blended in with the grey. Placing the flowers in a vase full of water, she felt a strange feeling of being watched, she laughed, Mr sexy beard was getting to her, she made her way to the shower and peeled off the layers, to reveal her cold white skin. She hated winter, she was already fair enough but somehow she glowed like the moon in winter. Putting her white-blond hair in a bun, she let the warm water glide over skin. she smiled, it felt like she had washed a day of cares away. When she had gotten out of the shower, she realised she hadn't even turned the heater on in her bedroom, feeling a cold draft blowing in from an slightly open window.

"Bugger" she mumbled while trying to wrestle the heater in the cold with her towel nearly falling off. In the midst of her tiring efforts she suddenly felt something move behind her. The hairs on the back of neck stood up. "Granny?" she said fearfully and then groaned at her stupidity when she realised her grandma was never going to appear. Changing into her a warm woolen jumper and some skinny jeans, she looked in the mirror and froze with fear, for the handsome man from the coffee shop was right behind, staring back.

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