1. Chapter 1

The rain had increased in noise and volume, so much so that only vague shadows of people rushed by in the excessive down pour. Sophie smudge the window with no avail in corner seat of the cafe. She loved to come to this coffee shop, it had the feel of warm blanket on these cold dreary days. The cafe was was warm with the presence of so many people, the delightful smell of coffee filled her senses and yet she felt disturbed and mostly sad. Looking at the rain again, she felt like it was the echo of her heart at the moment. The waiter brought her coffee, she smiled at the swirly pattern on the top.

"Thanks" she said noticing the sad tone in her own voice

They all knew her here, she pondered what they thought of her. As she had never had any in depth conversation with them. Did they notice that only weeks ago, she was sitting across from a well dressed business man in a state of complete happiness and now here she sat alone, stirring her coffee looking like she had been run over by a freight train. Her mind thought about "him" , but only an overwhelming feeling of anger overtook her. She clenched her fist and went to drink her coffee, Just as she was about to take a sip, a flicker of light caught her eyes and she momentarily glanced to back of the cafe. It flickered again leading her to a mysterious man in a booth at the back and oddly he was staring right at her. She blushed and looked away, she wondered if he was eyeing her off, which made her feel somwhat happy to think atleast one man was interested in her. Feeling compelled she hesitantly looked back again to see if he still stared, however he was looking down at something. She then inwardly chastised herself for being so desperate. However from her quick glance, she could see he looked to be about in his 30s, of muscular physique and had a beard. She sighed, why would she think that another man was any different, they always initially liked the look of her, but never felt she was worthy of more than a brief fling. She guessed she made it easy, wearing her heart on her sleeve which was against the rules in any kind of dating these days. Didnt guys like mysterious woman who played the game, ones that took what they wanted and then moved on heartlessly. She began to feel the slight tinge of bitterness. Well if thats the woman that men want, why didnt she just be that. Maybe she should be checking out this guy and not waiting for him to come to her, wasn't it always the guys that led you in the merry chase, couldnt she do that also. She now purposely glanced over again, preparing the most seductive of her faces, well she hoped it was but immediately she felt her stomach turn over, as he was staring right back at her. Without a flinch, he just kept looking. It soon became quite random now, for they both stared at eachother longer than a minute. She was now wondering whether to keep holding his gaze or look away. Thankfully the sound of a text message jingled in her bag, which made her realise she was acting like a crazy person, she quickly finished her coffee, grabbed her belongings and made her way to the counter to pay. He was closer to the counter so she was able to get a brief glance of his face, and she had to catch her breath for he still stared back and his eyes were so intent upon her, she began to feel faint. There would of only been a meter between them and all at once it felt very odd to be locked in such intense staring with this handsome stranger. She was also right about the muscles, his tight fitted long sleeve shirt exposed them well and his dark beard and hair were groomed to perfection. However he was not english looking at all, the long lashes, tanned skin and sultry lips made him look italian, that wasnt it. Thankfully the cashier redirected her attention and she quickly paid and exited feeling strangely bemused, putting up her umbrella through the thick rain, she thought about this man. His gaze had been so piercing, like he was looking deep inside her. It gave her shivers. She realised then that he may of been of middle eastern persuasion and it dawned on her, that he was the most handsome man she had ever seen.

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