America x Reader (APH)

You and a certain American go to a school dance, and sparks fly from there! I won't go too into detail, I don't want to spoil it for Reader-Chan~ ;) You'll love the ending ;)


4. Sparks fly

  You were back in your dorm now, satisfied with the turn out of the night. The slow dance especially. *Flash back to the dance* (Y/n) and America stood by the sidelines, just talking a bit, as the American stuffed his face with burgers, something you'd gotten used too. A slow song begins to play, and he stops eating and glances at you, a small blush creeping up onto his soft cheeks. He turns to you, holding out his hand. "(Y-Y/n)... Do you wanna dance?" Why did he seem so nervous, just simply asking for a dance? You shrugged it off and took his hand, a smile playing at your features. He smiled slightly wider, pulling you to the dance-floor. He held you close to his chest, a large hand placed delicately on your small waist, the other on the bare of your shoulder. A warm feeling shot through your chest, both of your smaller hands on his strong shoulders. You lay your head gently on his chest, only for him to gently lift it by the chin, he gazing into your shimmering (E/c) eyes. Now it was your turn to blush, as he pulled your face closer to his, closing the gap with a soft kiss. *End of flash back* So yeah, you were definitely satisfied. 

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