America x Reader (APH)

You and a certain American go to a school dance, and sparks fly from there! I won't go too into detail, I don't want to spoil it for Reader-Chan~ ;) You'll love the ending ;)


6. Lets burn your feels!

Now, in the present time, you stood in the same spot. It hadn't changed a bit. America stood next to you, an arm draped lightly over your shoulder. You smiled, now out of school, off day from work, spending it with your perfect boyfriend. He gave your shoulder a light squeeze, letting you go and turning away. You looked at him, as he brought a small red velvet box out of his pocket, once again turning to face you. He swallowed, getting down on one knee, as you continued to stare, unaware of what he was about to ask of you. He opened the box, holding it up to you. Inside was a golden banded ring, with three diamonds clustered in the middle, two going down the sides. He took a breath . "(Y/n)... We've been together for three years, and you've some how managed to put up with, well, me," He grins a bit, before continuing. "We've fought, and at times I thought you left me for sure, but... You stayed," Tears begun to well in your (E/c) eyes, as well as his own. "And so... (Y/n) (L/n)... Will you marry me?"

      Warm tears streamed down your face, and you nodded, unable to form words. You were so happy, you couldn't even describe He gently slid the ring onto your thin finger, standing up and enveloping you into a warm embrace, he crying himself a bit. How could this get any better? And with that, you shared another kiss, a heated, passionate one, full of love, and you both just knew that you cared for each other.

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