America x Reader (APH)

You and a certain American go to a school dance, and sparks fly from there! I won't go too into detail, I don't want to spoil it for Reader-Chan~ ;) You'll love the ending ;)


3. Getting ready

Saturday evening finally arrived. (Y/n) was simply sparkling, in a (F/c) dress, that ended mid-thigh, (H/l) (H/c) hair framing your face perfectly, and the ends in a small wave. Your flawless, smooth, (S/c) shoulders were bare, the dress, strapless. Why were you so done up tonight? Well, regardless being in college, tonight was a dance, and it took a lot of convincing from your American friend to actually attend. You gave a small sigh, finishing with your eyeliner, the only makeup you actually owned and bothered to wear. As you can see, you are more of a laid back girl, not so hep on dresses and such.

      Just as you finish, you hear a small knock at your dorm-room door. With a small glance at the clock, you waltz to the door. Upon opening, reveals a happy American. One glance at you, his jaw drops. "(Y/n)... You look beautiful!" He exclaimed, making you blush, and shift slightly. "... T-thank you Alfred!" You said with a smile, caught off guard by a clingy hug. A small giggle erupts from your throat as you hug back. He lets go. "So! Shall we get going? If we don't go..." He looks at his watch. "Now, we'll be late~!" America offered his arm out to you, which you took lightly, and he begun to drag you off.

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