America x Reader (APH)

You and a certain American go to a school dance, and sparks fly from there! I won't go too into detail, I don't want to spoil it for Reader-Chan~ ;) You'll love the ending ;)


5. At the lake

~Timeskip, three years, brought to you by England's scones.~


      Ever since the dance, you and America spent a lot of time together. He'd asked you to be his girlfriend. *Flash back* "Where in the world are you taking me?!" You ask, annoyed he wouldn't tell you. "Dude, keep your eyes closed! Trust me, you'll like it, we're almost there!" He guided you through some woods, into a small clearing with a beautiful river and very small waterfall, all out letting into a small lake. You open your eyes and stare in awe. You turn to the beaming American, who's expression suddenly becomes nervous. He looks you over, taking in your own beauty with his pools of blue eyes. You turn to him, raising a brow, as he took your shoulders. "(Y/n)? Uh... Well... Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked, squeezing his eyes shut, afraid you'd say no. You stared at him for a minute, a grin cracking onto your face. "Yes! Of course~!" You hugged him, and he reopened his eyes, smiling happily, sealing the 'deal' with a short, passionate kiss. *End flash back*

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