Why me?

This book is about a girl named Camden, Camden's mother is abusive and her father passed away last year, what happens when her mother gets tired of her and sells her to the one and only 1 Direction, who Camden just so happens to have a raging hate for?


2. what!?

Camden get down here you little slut! my mom yelled, " Coming mom!" "yes?" I ask getting nervous " I decided that for your birthday tomorrow im going to get you a wonderful present!" "what is it ?" I ask stuttering my words "Well that would ruin the suprize, but for now we will have some friends over for a going away party! "Ok!" I exclaim hoping that she really is being nice to me for once and not well, not her! then I think about what she said, "what do you mean a going away party?" she replied "No hints!" dropping her words like acid from her lips.


Sudently the door bell rings " Ill get it" she yells a little too excited. I hear her open the door and whisper to someone "so have much will I get?" "well how much do you want?" asked a deep british  accent "100,000 Dollars!" exclaimed my mom. what were they talking about? "well be here to pick her up tomorrow morning." this time an Irish voice, "but only if we have fun tonight." added another british voice. then my mother comes downstairs with 5 men, "mom what were you talking about!?" I ask terror in my voice, "well honey, I decided that you deserve better than me,so I am selling you to these 5 men, oh and say good bye to your virginity because you will be their sex slave.


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