Why me?

This book is about a girl named Camden, Camden's mother is abusive and her father passed away last year, what happens when her mother gets tired of her and sells her to the one and only 1 Direction, who Camden just so happens to have a raging hate for?


3. Good night love...

"Mom! you have to be kidding!" I yelled at her "what love, you should be excited!" the Irish exclaimed. "well im not, I don't want to leave, I Don't want to be sold and I want to stay a virgin!" I screamed in his face. "Well love we wont take you unless we have fun tonight" a smerk growning on his face. "Whats that supposed to mean curly?!'  Quiff answered for him, "well lets just say that we will get you drunk to make sure you don't resist us then we will have you put on a lovely show for us!" he smiled from ear to ear. "Good luck getting me to drink!" we Have our ways." the one with the buzz cut said, "Grab her boys!" he yelled. suddently they all came at me. Curly pulled out a cloth and the last thing I remember is him whispering in my ear, "good night love..."


When I wake up im tied to a chair in the basement and I recognize the room instently, it's the room my mom has used many times, the torture room... in here she has a devise that when you sit in the chair and press a bouton then hot metal bars get pushed into your arms and legs, I am currently tied to that chair.I look around and see the 5 men around me "look shes awake!" an overly excited boy with a carrot yells."ahh good buzz cut says now lets start with names, im liam, tht there with the carrot is Louis and that's harry,zayn and niall, and you are?" I don't reply 'I asked you a question!!" he yells then slappes me across the face "Camden..." I stutter out. "well Camden here is a lovely drink for you" harry says handing me a glass "im not drinking that" I tell him "I was hoping you'd say that,this looks pretty fun to use, did you know that these bars can get as hot as 400 degrees celcius?" I gulp and chug down the drink,it was delicious "give me another"

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