Was I Wrong

She's on my mind 24/7 loosing her was the hardest thing I could've ever done, I had no choice. - Niall Horan


7. Up All Night




Today we packed up all the equipment, the boys already left to the next stadium I think, I'm not sure where I cannot remember where we are going next.

But I know somewhere close to England. I think. I need a map.

Anyway I finished loading the rest of the recording items to my bus.

As the bus pulled away I started to set up all my equipment in the bus.

"How yeah doing back there?" Henry said.

Henry is my bus driver he was a very kind man, I found out that all of our bus drivers take turns driving everyone's buses, today I have Henry.

"I'm doing just fine." I said after my small struggle moving the speaker next to the couch.

My bus mostly had open space for my equipment, it's like it was an on the go recording studio. It was pretty rad.

"Just making sure, if you need to stop anytime soon our next stop is at a rest break in 2 hours with the lads, I'll be switching buses and you'll have Tim." Henry said.

"Oh ok nice." I said.

Then I saw him put in his ear plugs while driving, that seems a little dangerous but I'm gonna have to ignore it.

I think he wants me to think he isn't there.

I shrugged my shoulders and went to work.

I started to look through my journal for lyric ideas. I'm stumped I have no inspiration at the moment.

Let's see we have 10 songs, I started to write the songs we have to record they aren't in a typical order at the moment.

1. Best Song Ever 2. Alive 3. Why Don't We Go There 4. Does He Know 4. Don't Forget Where You Belong 5. Strong 6. Midnight Memories 7. Diana 8.Happily 9. Little Black Dress & 10. Alive

We need about 8 or 9 songs left to write, then we could get to recording songs.

I flipped the pages back and found You & I; I haven't really finished it. I started it but I couldn't finish it, because it was about Niall, ever since he started acting weird or when he changed, I couldn't finish it, I wrote angry songs mostly or songs about fun never about love.

My phone started to vibrate, I snatched it up and it was a call from Keaton, he's in emblem 3 nice boys.

But Keaton's brother Wes is flirt, in a good way I guess.

I answered the phone.

"Hello?" I said

"Hey Aubrey, Drew wants to know when the next available time you could help us with our next album, the dude we have now isn't as good as you are." He said

"Is there a deadline to your album?" I asked

"Not that we know of." He said

"Well I'm currently with One Direction, on tour, I'll have to get back to you on that, when I get a break I'll go back to LA and see what I can do, alright?" I said sounding sad, because they sounded like they needed my help.

"Alright, we'll try to write some songs and I'll keep you updated on what we're doing." He said

"Alright, thank you love, I'll get back to you as soon as I can, I'll talk to you later." I said

"Thank you." He said and hung up.

Ughhhh this is the 4th client I couldn't help, for now.

First it was Fifth Harmony, then it was One Republic, and then it was Ariana Grande, now these guys.

I'm very close to all of them but I can't help them right now.

I feel bad but I can't.

I tossed my phone away from me to the other couch, I need to focus on this album right now. Hopefully when we stop the boys are scheduled to come work with me.

I sighed and threw myself back on the couch and started to reread the lyrics for You & I




"I totally should've got that goal!" I wined

"Well the game showed me blocking it, so no you didn't get if mate." Louis said smirking

"Don't be a sore loser Niall." Zayn said smiling

We have been playing on the xbox for 30 mins.

"Well I'm hungry so I'm taking a break." I said and took myself out of the game.

"Alright lad." Louis said focusing on the screen of the tv.

I walked out of the back of the room and shut the sliding door, Because things get loud in there and I think Liam was asleep.

I looked in his bunk and he was knocked out still.

Walking toward the front of the bus I opened the cabinet and all we had was candy.

I took out the red vines package and started to snack on those, I was scrolling through twitter and some emails.

I looked from my phone and Harry was napping on the couch, he must've been watching a movie.

I'm surprised Zayn isn't asleep. He usually the one napping.

I wonder what Aubrey's up too, probably as bored as I am right now or sleeping.

Some of us can go work with her when we switch at the rest stop, it was a last minute thing otherwise we'd be at the stadium right now.

Liam and Harry plan on switching as well as me. I want to start working on the next song. Louis and Zayn said they wanted a break for today/tomorrow.

I can see why, we've all been so tired.

"Boys well be reaching the rest in about 10 minutes if you're switching over get what you need." Tim yelled out.

Harry slowly woke up, from Tim's loud voice.

"What'd he say?" Harry asked half asleep still

"To get your arse up." I joked

"No seriously." He smiled and said in his raspy voice.

"That we stop in 10 mins so get what we need of we're switching over, for the day/night." I said

"Well better get my duffel bag." He said getting up.

"Wake up Liam would yeh?" I said chewing on my red vine.

"Alright." He said and skipped/walked passed me to the bunk areas.

I just laughed a little. What's not to like about Harry.

I put the red vines away and went to the bunk areas myself to get packed.

I threw 2 changes of clothes and some basket ball shorts into my backpack.

Then I put on one pair of my white Jordan's and and slipped on a pullover hoodie.

As we pulled up to the rest stop it's was pouring rain.

"Boys me and Henry decided that I'd just drive to the arena and then switch. Buses than, I'll see yeah later." He waved us off and we jogged to the Aubrey's bus parked next to ours.

Henry opened the door right away to let us in.

"Top of the even'n boys." He greeted.

"Hey Henry." Harry said

"Good to see you again mate." Liam shook his hand.

"Troubles here." I said making Henry laugh and then I shook his hand. He closed the door after I walked in.

"Wheres Aubrey?" Harry asked looking around the bus

"She passed out while working in the back of the bus, well I think she's still asleep. Get settled in before you guys start to work." Henry said.

"Cool." Liam said.

It was only 3 in the afternoon.

Aubrey has been working since she woke up, I feel bad because this is our album not hers.

"Have you smelt smoke at all?" I asked Henry

I want to make sure I actually go on my vow to keep Aubrey safe.

Like I've said she is important to me.

Even if I'm not important to her she is to me no matter what.

"No." He said looking confused.

I just nodded my head understanding.

"So mate got your eye on anyone particular?" Liam asked me winking.

"Nope, still trying to get over someone." I said, why would he ask that.

I was a little suspicious now, but I ignored it a moment later.

"So what do we do? Wait?" Harry said

"Yeah I guess, does she have any movies." I said.

"Not quite sure, lad." Henry said out of nowhere.

"I'll look.." I spoke again.

I stood up and went to the tv and opened a cabinet.

I found a few discs.

Anchorman, Ted, Balto, Some horse movie, Nemo, Toy Story, This Is Us?, and a couple more comedies.

Why does she have our movie.

I laughed a little bit.

"What's funny?" Liam asked

"Aubrey has our movie." I smiled holding it up.

"That's gold." Liam said laughing as well as Harry.

"Let's watch it." I smiled.

"Works for me lad." Harry said

"Same." Liam said.

I put the movie into the DVD player, and we started to watch the movie previews.

Then the movie started after 6 minutes of movie previews.

It was weird watching the lads and I on tv, but it was also weird watching it at the premiere.

We also joke about something that happened on the tv or how ridiculous we acted.




I woke up with my phone going off for the 100th time today.

I put it on silence annoyed.

I need some water, my throat felt dry.

I stood up slowly so I wouldn't go dizzy for a split second.

I was wearing my Ireland hoodie and some spandex, I redid my messy bun. It was kinda cold in here so I wrapped my lounging blanket around me.

Pressing the button to the sliding door/mirror, I noticed the tv was on, but I haven't watched the tv.

I walked toward the front of the bus and I heard familiar voices talking to one another.

"Niall! Don't throw that at me." I heard Who I think was Harry.

I walked closer to the front of the bus and a pillow hit my face out of nowhere.

I grinned.

"I'm sorry!" Niall said quickly

"It's not ok." I growled, but inside I was joking, I wanted to trick him, just to see his reaction.

"It was an accident, promise, I didn't know you were up!" Niall said with sorry eyes trying to save his ass, I wanted to start laughing so hard.

"Still not ok." I walked toward the fridge carrying the pillow with me.

I grabbed a water bottle and the boys were watching my every movement, well Niall was.

I took a sip and put it on the counter and faced them, I put the pillow on the counter, and rubbed my eye.

"She's going to beat your ass." Liam said trying to threaten Niall.

Harry was covering his mouth, from laughing.

Then Niall looked at Liam, that's when I dropped my blanket to the ground and charged at him with the pillow in my hands.

I threw the pillow at him and leaned on him pretending to suffocate him.

He was holding his head when I started to beat him once more with the pillow.

Then he caught me off guard and took the pillow away and grabbed my shoulder/arm area, pushing me to the side of the couch, he than pinned me so he was then on top off me.

"Are you done." He smiled.

"Hell no." I replayed trying not to give him a soft face.

"Niall you better watch it." Harry warned laughing.

"I know all of her moves, I don't have to watch nothing." Niall said looking over at Harry.

That's when I brought my knees to my stomach and used my feet to push him off me.

He yelped a little and I grabbed the arm rest to support, sitting myself up.

"Just cause I came out of the hospital yesterday doesn't mean that I'm to weak to take you down Horan." I smirked.

"Oh yeah?" He then said smiling.

Harry and Liam were watching as if it was a boxing match.

"My money is on Aubrey." Liam joked.

"Mine is on Niall." Harry said laughing.

I stayed where I was but in a way I was ready to lunge myself at him.

Niall just getting up started to look me up and down biting his lip almost. He was waiting for me to lunge at him.

"Come at me darling." Niall teased.

"In your dreams." I rolled my eyes.

That's when I ran at him, almost as if I was mad, and he tried to grab me but I danced around him almost.

Jumping on his back.

"Downward goes the Horan." I screamed/joked, but he didn't go down.

When did he get stronger than what he was.

He than grabbed my legs as I was holding on to his shoulders, he gripped me.

He moved toward the ground and pushed my legs up and I landed on my back on the ground.

I almost brought his head to the ground, with me.

When I landed on the ground it wasn't to hard where the air knocked out of me.

I wasn't quick enough to get up, he held my wrists on the sides of my head.

And he positioned himself on top of me he was sitting on my hips almost.

He was heavy but a comfortable heavy, you know what I'm talking about?

But anyway he looked at Harry and Liam who were clapping and yelling.

I tried to squirm out of his grip, but he was too strong.

I need to catch him off guard or something.

Think Aubrey think, I repeated to myself.

Ah I got it!

"Niall! You're suffocating me! I can't breath." I made my face look pale.

Niall looked at me and instantly got off. He bent down to me to make sure I was ok.

He offered me his hand to help me up, that's when I grabbed it and pulled him down, he landed on his stomach so I then sat myself on his back.

"Whose the loser now." I smirked

"Not fair!" He said whining.

"Sorry love." I said

"Oh snap naill looses Aubrey wins!" Harry announced jumping up, as well as Liam, they high fived each other and then got comfortable again on the couch as if another round were to happen again..

I got off Niall and went to the counter of the kitchen and drank some of my water.

That was fun, but I still have this empty feeling like I haven't gotten something off my chest.

It's been a long time since I've wrestled with Niall.

In fact what the hell am I doing wrestling with the ex, I have no clue anymore what to think of him or us, everything is complicated.

I put the cap on my water bottle and once I turned around Niall instantly threw me over his shoulder.

"Put me down!" I squeaked.

I cleared my throat.

"NIALL!!" I said

"Looks like I'm still the king!" He announced to Liam and Harry, who then started to laugh really loud.

I don't have enough energy to get out of this one.

"Ok ok you win Horan, now set me down so we can get to work." I said in a serious tone now.

He gently put me down on the couch.

And put his fist up in the air.

"I believe I won the bet." Harry said to Liam

"Next time Aubrey you'll get 'em" Liam encouraged

I laughed and stood up to get my water and my note book.

"Ok enough fun and games time to get to work." I said walking towards the back to get my phone.

I grabbed it and shoved it in my hoodie pocket.

I walked back and the boys were getting settled in.

Niall winked at me messing around and puckered his lips and unpuckered them.

I rolled my eyes at him, things are still no different.

I have to keep reminding myself over and over again.

I took a seat on the floor sitting like a chef.

I check the time on my phone it was 9pm.

Today was an absolutely long day.

I had so many notifications. Mostly from clients and my mum.

I'll have to call her later.

I put my phone back into my pocket the lads were chatting.

"Ok boys we need 8 more songs left and I have a song that I think you'll honestly really like, I was working on it a long time ago, but I have never really finished it." I explained.

They all have their attention on me now.

"If you want I can read what I have." I said flipping to the page.

"Can you sing it for us?" Harry asked cheekily

"Umm sure, my voice is terrible though." I said nervously.

"Not it's not." Niall exclaimed.

"Ok ok." I said

"Well let's hear it love." Liam said.


"I figured it out

I figured it out from black and white

Seconds and hours

Maybe they had to take some time"


I sang, then I showed Liam the paper so he could sing along.


"I know how it goes

I know how it goes from wrong and right

Silence and sound

Did they ever hold each other tight

Like us

Did they ever fight

Like us"


Now all of us were harmonizing together, it was a rad moment.


"You and I

We don't wanna be like them

We can make it till the end

Nothing can come between

You and I

Not even the Gods above can

Separate the two of us

No nothing can come between

You and I

Oh, you and I


I figured it out

Saw the mistakes of up and down

Meet in the middle

There's always room for common ground


I see what it's like

I see what it's like for day and night

Never together

Cause they see things in a different light

Like us

They never tried

Like us"



"This is a really good song Aubrey." Harry said smiling huge.

"Alright Lads, lets get to work." I said


*5 Hours Later*


"Guys lets call it for the night you have a show tomorrow." I said yawning

Harry and Liam nodded there heads and got up slowly and dragged themselves to bed

"Nigh Aubrey!" I heard them say

"Night." I responded

I looked to where Niall was sleeping, with my blanket as if it was a pillow, with paper scattered next to him.

I checked the time on my phone it was almost 3 in the morning.

I picked up the papers and put them in order, then I decided Niall should take my bunk since there only three and he has to be rested up for the show tomorrow.

"Niall." I whispered softly, while lightly shaking him to get up.

"One more minute." He said in a low raspy voice.

"No, go sleep in my bunk." I said in a demanding voice.

His eyes slowly opened they were a dark blue.

I helped him up, and he wrapped my blanket around himself. I didn't notice how cold it was in here until I got goose bumps.

I helped Niall to the bunk, once he climbed in he sighed.

I was about to walk off, ignoring the sigh, when he stuck his leg out to stop me.

"Come sleep with me, you won't be able to sleep on those couches." He said in his raspy voice.

It made me shiver almost.

"Plus it's cold and all your blankets are with me." He said 

"Niall I don't think that's a good idea." I said trying to argue but to tired to really argue.

"Oh stop it." Niall said and put his hand out and pushed me toward it with his leg.

I grabbed his hand tensing up and he helped pull me up into the bunk.

This wasn't right, what am I doing to myself.

He opened my bigger blanket so I could get underneath it.

After he put the blankets on me he dozed off, still facing me.

I turned my back to him. I'm surprised that we both fit on the bunk comfortably.

I was about to fall asleep when I started to shake at how cold I was.

That's when sleeping Niall must of heard me or something, he put an arm around me and pulled me closer to his body. I was so tense.

After I started to get warmer, I began to relax a little.

This felt so right and yet so wrong, we still haven't talked our issues out. And here I am sleeping in the same bed as the one who has hurt me.

He seems like him old self but I don't believe it at the same time because of how rude he was to me, back then still plays in my mind, it was a sudden change, ugh I don't know.

Niall moved a little more and he pulled me toward his chest, I could hear him breathing and I could almost hear his heart beating.

It relaxed me, I started to doze off.

"I love you." I heard sleeping Niall say.

I couldn't move, my heart was racing, he was only dreaming though, but I felt as if that was directed to me.

No stop it Aubrey this isn't anything, what the hell are you doing.

You can't love him anymore, and he definitely doesn't love you.

My eyes began to fall heavy.


Get Ready for the next chapter it's gonna have a lot going on, I made sure this Chapter was super long so I hope you enjoy. :) Leave feedback! and If you find any grammar mistakes please let me know, Thank you :)






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