Was I Wrong

She's on my mind 24/7 loosing her was the hardest thing I could've ever done, I had no choice. - Niall Horan


2. London

~ Aubrey~

I finished packing my luggage and took a long shower, my mind felt like it was going nuts and I couldn't think straight.

Once I got out I immedently started to brush my teeth while combing my damp hair that reached a few inches below my rib cage. I sighed and decided I needed sleep after I starred at my self in the mirror.

I went to bed scared of seeing him again, being rejected, being hurt again, but if I want to keep my job I must move forth with this, this is a busniess trip.

Stay professional, I repeated in my head a thousand times.


I awoke to the soud of my alarm, I turned it off slowly, it was 5 in the morning. I felt rather restless and sore, I must've slept on my neck wrong.

Dragging myself to the bathroom to get ready for a long and boring flight, I couldn't help but wonder why out of all the label compainies did they have to choose ours.

Once I switched on the light on everything seemed brighter and the bathroom lights made me light headed for a momment. I let my eyes adjust to the light. Starring at myself in the mirror, then looking down at my cigars by the sink.

I decided to lit one up, the familiar aroma fled into my nose. It smelt like grape, it made my mouth watery for it's taste. I inhaled the cigar, and released my troubles away for a split second. Once the smoke left my mouth, all I wanted was more, the taste was fasinating, not addictive.

I quit smoking at a point in my life, which was when I meet Niall, he hated when I smoked so he made me promise not to smoke anymore, then again he has promised many things, I guess promises aren't meant to last.

After I exhaled one last time, I decided it was time to get ready for today, I suppose.

I changed into leggings and a loose knit jumper that reached underneath my but. I put my hair in a messy bun, applied some mascara and eyeliner, then I hurried to put on my vans.

The car arranged to pick me up was already here!

I locked my appartment and immedentially carried my lugge to the car, the man helped me once I reached downstairs. I had two large suit cases and a duffel bag. As well as my Nike back pack.

Once I was settled into the car we started to drive to the LA Lux airport, which wasn't that far away.

I boarded the plane to London after an hour and here I am on my way to help a client and to die..

I sighed after putting the planes seat belt on and I started to listen to the Arctic Monkeys as I was ready to doze off, maybe I could sleep the entire way. I thought to myself, then again maybe not.


Today the lads and I were going into our label to talk our next album before we leave London and on the road to England then the rest of Europe.

We were all pilled in a van it was crazy how all five of us for perfectly in this van. I was texting mum to see how everyone was doing.

Everyone seems to be fine but me, Aubrey is stuck in my head still. Aubrey Aubrey she can make any man go nuts.

She was very sexy.

Damn it Niall, I said to myself in my head.

"Niall?" Harry poked my arm

"Yeah?" I asked, I think he was repeating my name.

"I said are you excited to write the next album?" He asked as if he had already asked me a thousand times.

"Of course lad! Who wouldn't be." I smiled at Harry.

"You tend to zone out a lot, lately." Zayn stated.

"Why is that?" Harry added.

"I couldn't tell yeah." I shrugged my shoulder.

They all gave me a concerning look as I looked to each of there faces.

" I'm honestly fine, there isn't anything to worry about." I said, but in all honestly I don't think I'm "fine"

I felt like a teenage girl using the word fine when she just broke up with her first boyfriend but she is devastated.

I feel like a teenage girl right now, I couldn't help my self, I feel weak.

We pulled up to the label and we all piled out and entered the tall metallic building. And heading over to the elevator.

Paul pressed the level 12 and in what seemed like forever we finally pulled up to the floor.

The desk manager, I think her name was Suzan, spoke into her phone and then Spoke

"Dave will be right with you, follow me to the meeting room." She said gesturing that we'd all follow her.

The office space was familiar we do a lot of business here.

I took a seat next to Harry and Zayn on my other side.

After we All settled in Dave entered.

Dave is Simon Cowell's go to man basically his assistant almost.

Anyway we all greeted him and I teased him.

"Nice tie, donut man." I remarked and everyone was laughing, even Dave.

He was wearing a tie with a bunch of donut circles, it was weird.

"Very funny, my wife bought me this." He spoke defensively.

"Ok boys let's get down to business, I know that you're excited to be working on the new album, I'm sorry to announce that Philip won't be working with you because he is currently working with another artist. Anyway I hired someone else, whom is amazing at what she does and she is the best in the market right now, everyone wants to work with her. But I bear them to the punch and I hired her."

"Who is she?" Louis asked politely.

"Her name is Aubrey Smith." Dave spoke and I just ran out of the room.

I don't know where I was going but I was freaking out. I found myself in the Lou, I was kicking the stall and holding my hands to my face, I started to cry. The tears were falling to my face I leaned against the wall, I was afraid.

I felt so shaky and just flat out afraid.

I heard the bathroom door open and in enters Liam being quick to comfort me, giving me a man hug.

I cried into his hug, it felt like a brother moment.

"I can't face her not after what I had done to her!" I squeaked out a bit.

"You don't have to do it alone we are all here for you Niall." Liam spoke and released from the bro hug.

I nodded my head and whipped my face with my hands. My eyes felt puffy.


"Please fasten your seat belts as we are approaching our destination." The flight attendant said.

I looked down at my belt which was already buckled.

I had just woke up about 10 minutes ago, I felt sleepy.

Taking out my iPhone I checked the time it was 5 in the afternoon here in London. Back home it would probably be 5 in the morning probably.

After the plane landed I got up slowly from my seat, I had jet leg.

I felt a little light headed. I put my backpack over my shoulder and grabbed my duffel bag.

I took my time walking to the baggage claim, I wasn't sure who was picking me up and at this point I don't really care, I just want to eat something and take a nap, even though I had sleep for about 5 hours on the plane.

The alarm went off and luggage started to arrive I didn't see my two large bags until the end of the load.

I grabbed my bags for how tired I was and weak, I was surprised that I could even lift them up.

I set my duffel bag on top of one of the larger bags.

I walked to some garage area I'm assuming this is where the pick up is.

I spotted a man holding a sign that said 'Aubrey Smith'

Walking toward the sign I was greeted and the man set my luggage in the trunk of the black Land rover.

I leaned against the window, the window making me shiver from how cold it felt on my cheek.

I felt a tear stream down my cheek, not sure I had a tear. My head is clouded at the moment.

I stared out the window as the land rover pulled up to a stadium.

Some many fans were lined up, teenage girls started to run after my car as we headed for an enclosed area.

I started panicking a little bit as fans were running in the street and pushing and shoving theme selfs. It scared me.

I pulled out my cigarette box and lite the cigarette. I instantly inhaled from the bud. And exhaled.

I felt shaky and jumpy all the sudden, I have no clue what was wrong with me.


Feel like I screwed up and could've added more detail so yeah, leave feedback.

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