Was I Wrong

She's on my mind 24/7 loosing her was the hardest thing I could've ever done, I had no choice. - Niall Horan


6. Heart Attack


"Good show lads!" Louis yelled as we walked backstage.

It was rather loud, more than usual.

"Looks like riled everyone up." Harry remarked and Liam was laughing.

"That was seriously one of the loudest so far." I said smiling.

"Gemma what's wrong?" I heard Harry say as we walked toward the dressing rooms.

I turned around I couldn't make out what she was saying but she looked like she was freaking out and she was crying almost.

That's when I saw Tom rushing toward us.

Harry had his arm around Gemma to comfort her.

"Boys sorry to worry you, but we just had an Emergancy. If you want to come to the hospital with me we have to go now." Tom said trying to keep his cool.

Who got hurt I wondered.

"Lads we have to go, this might be a fan or someone who works for us, we have to be there for them." Louis said.

As we rushed toward the garage area I saw the ambulance truck, the had just shut the doors.

We were piled into the black van to follow the ambulance.

We had no clue what happened or whom it was, but I was worried.

The boys and I had just came off stage sweaty and hyper, to find that someone was hurt or sick.

My mood had changed from absolutely happy to worried and scared.

We finally arrived to the hospital they rushed the person from the truck to the Emergancy room.

I saw her, it was Aubrey.

"Let me out!!! Let me out!!" I started to yell, I felt the blood rush to my face.

"Niall you can't get out yet." Tom said trying to stay calm.

"I don't give a shit that's Aubrey." I yelled

I climbed out of the seat and pushed Liam a little out of the way, I opened the door and tried to run in after her.

"NO NIALL!" Paul yelled and restrained me from running after her.

"Let me go Paul!! I have to get in there, fucking shit." I yelled.

"Niall you can't see her yet, let them save her." Paul said trying to calm me down.

After a minute I started to cry as Paul held me, he pulled me in like a father would.

"There they are!!" I heard a person scream.

Paul had one arm around me and he opened the van door.

"Go inside boys, it's the paps." Paul said in a tone that made me at peace for a split second.

Paul let go of me, he helped the lads out.

Louis and Liam put an arm around me to help me go inside. Harry and Zayn both had a hand on my shoulder.

I was crying like a baby.

"Niall it's going to be ok." Louis said.

"Boys have a seat in the lounge area, I'm gonna find out what has happened." Tom said following behind us.

Tom put and arm around me and let go and he walked to the front desk.

I sat down and the boys all sat near me. I cried into my hands.

What if she's not ok, what if she's dying.



I felt a shock go into my body.

My eyes flew open and I was surrounded by nurses and a doctor.

"Patient alive." One of the nurses confirmed.

I was wearing an oxygen tank and my chest was in pain.

They put some insulin into my blood flow and rolled me to a room.

I was light headed.

I then looked to my left and saw Tom in the doorway with one of the nurses.

"What happened is she ok?" Tom asked

"She had a minor heart attack. But she'll be fine for now, can you answer some questions for me?" He asked Tom

"Has she by chance been smoking? Eating all her vitamins? Under depression? Stressed? On a description? Or when had she had her last blood drawl?" He asked Tom, I wanted to laugh Tom doesn't know any of the questions beside the smoking part.

"Well she has been smoking relatively a lot." Tom answered.

I didn't notice it but maybe he was right, I haven't smoked so much until I found out is was coming on tour with Niall.

My eyes fell heavy, the nurse came in and adjusted my insulin and my oxygen tank.

My eyes shut and the next thing I now I'm half asleep.


I looked to the boys and they were asleep.

My eyes burned.

I heard the door open and saw Tom walk in.

I shot up

"Where is she!" I asked desperately.

"She's asleep now." Tom said in a tired voice.

"What's wrong with her?" I asked with small relief.

"She had a minor heart attack, and the cause is unknown for now. You may go up and visit her, but their won't be much visiting because she's asleep. She'll be fine tomorrow morning, but she'll need a heart monitor and some medication for a month or so. Which means she can't smoke anymore, ever. Thank you Paul for reacting right away." Tom explained and thanked Paul.

"Paul saved her?" I asked confused not remembering him leaving the stage.

"Well on the walky I heard there was an Emergancy, I ran backstage in the middle of one of the last few songs, Aubrey was lying on the ground she was holding her chest, she looked like she couldn't move, and was about to pass out, which she did after I had picked her up, someone had already called the ambulance. I rushed her to the garage and the truck had just pulled up. They took her right away." Paul said.

I wanted to cry again, I wasn't there when she needed me, and I couldn't do anything to help her.

I walked to the room she was in.

When I saw her wired up to machines, I felt a tear fall from my cheek to my hand, as I brought it up to wipe my face.

I pulled a chair next to her and entwined my hand with hers.

And I kissed the top of her hand. I'm an even bigger idiot for letting her go.


I woke up with the sun in my eyes.

I tried to move my hands to sit my self up, I looked to Niall?


He was holding my hand and he looked so tried and overwhelmed.

"Niall.." I whispered

"Niall, get up." I said trying to wake him up.

"Niall." I said a little louder and his eyes fluttered open, his eyes where a light blue.

"Sorry." He said and let go fast of my hand, he stood up right away.

I sat myself up and rubbed my eyes, my head hurt.

"You know I was scarred." Niall said in a serious tone and sitting down on the chair again.

"I was scared you were going to die, I was crying my eyes out." Niall said giving me eye contact.

"Why? It's not like you cared." I said.

"Then you don't know me at all." He said standing up and leaving the room, he looked hurt that I said that.

"Good morning sunshine." A male nurse came in.

"Hi." I said in a tired voice.

"Ok I'm gonna ask you some questions and get you medication and you're free to go." He said adjusting my wires and taking the needle out.

"Great." I said watching him.

"Have you or had not had a some sort of Tabasco in the last year or month, that includes cigarettes, chew, etc." he asked

"I've been smoking for about a year and a half but I stopped for almost 2 years." I answered.

"And what made you smoke again." He asked.

"That's a tuff one, I started to smoke again because stress, heart break, I needed something to turn too at the time." I explained a little disappointed to myself.

"Ok, umm sorry to hear that have you or have you not had any kidney problems?" He asked writing things down.

"I was born without one kidney but I've always been healthy with it, but there was a couple of times where my blood pressure was high." I fiddled with my thumbs now.

"Ok miss smith you are free to go. But before you go I want to tell you the causes of your minor heart attack." He spoke looking me in the eyes now.

"Do tell please." I begged almost.

"Well you had high blood pressure, and your artery had blocked it's passage, meaning the blood wasn't flowing, causing pain in the chest, and you passed out from the lack of oxygen, smoking had caused this, it's strongly recommended that you never smoke a cigarette, or you'll end up with a major heart attack, that could lead to death." He said the last words almost quite.

"Also the office lady will give you instructions on your medication and I have put a heart monitor on you, you'll have to wear the heart monitor for a month or so."

I nodded my head, and looked at my chest wires and connected to my chest and a machine A tiny box hanging on the wires.

I have no clue how I'm gonna do that never smoke again. Smoking was my sweet escape, this was going to be a tough month.

"You have clothes in the bathroom and everyone will be waiting down stairs for you." The nurse said before leaving the room.

I stood up holding onto the bed and slowly moved to the bathroom, I was in pain.

I changed into grey sweats with the words Pink on the side, and my Ireland hoodie, I wonder who brought my my clothes.

I slipped on my Tan UGG boots and put my hair in a pony tail.

I grabbed the back pack and saw my phone on the table so I slipped that in my pocket.

I then walked out of my room, after making sure I had everything.

"Paul?" I said looking at the man talking to one of the male nurses.

"Aubrey. Are you ok kiddo? You almost gave me a heart attack." He joked and I was actually laughing. But it was also not funny.

The nurse then spoke to me.

"Here is your prescription, and no more smoking, and drink lots of water, and if you have trouble with the monitor call a hospital you are near on tour, or call us internationally. Good luck and I'm sending you both off." He smiled.

"Thank you." I said

Me and Paul started walking to the elevator.

"Just to warn you there are fans and the paps." Paul said pressing the lobby button.

"Why!" I asked

"Well the boys were worried, they stood the night, so they're waiting down stairs and Tom had to leave to go deal with other things." Paul explained.

"Why was Niall in my room this morning?" I asked

"Love, he was flipping out, when he found out it was you and you had to come to the Emergancy hospital, he was crying. I had to restrain him, because he was trying to get to you, he fought me for a good two minutes and he just broke down. But I'm wondering how well you guys known each other, he wouldn't freak out like that for just anyone." Paul said, raising an eyebrow at me.

"Really?" I said playing with my hands, I felt so bad for being a bitch to him now.

"Yeah." Paul said smiling a little.

"What Paul?!" I looked at him

"Nothing." He said

"Mhmm" I said.

"So am I all over the news or something?" I laughed

"Actually yeah." Paul said normally like he's been there done that sorta thing.

"Of course, only because 'one direction' is here" I remarked.

The elevator doors opened and I saw the boys all there and Lou. As well as Gemma.

"Aubrey!" Lou said jumping at me almost, I'm confused how did her and Gemma even see my heart attack when they left to the buses.

Well I thought they did.

I hugged Lou back.

"Hi Lou." I smiled.

"You scared the shit out of me." She said

"How did you even see that I thought you were at the buses?" I questioned

"Well me and Gemma had to see the boys take you on the stage, we went off the the side, and wanted to surprise you with a little welcome to the tour confetti, but you had collapsed when we went backstage." Lou explained.

"Wow, I didn't know that, thank you for that, well what could've been." I smiled and hugged her.

Gemma came over and she hugged me gently.

Then Zayn, Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall, all stood up at the same time almost when they saw me.

"Bloody hell you scared the living out of us darling." Louis greeted and pulled me into a hug.

"Are you alright?" Zayn asked

I nodded my head as he gave me a one armed hug.

"Don't ever scare me like that again or Niall he's a bit uncontrollable when he freaks out." Liam said and whispered the last part. I smiled at him widely as he gave me a sweet hug.

"At least you're ok now." Harry said hugging me with a look of relief.

It felt weird to be loved, or to have someone worry about you.

But it felt nice.

Niall I had to hug him he was freaking out just for me, it doesn't change anything but he needs to know I thank him.

He wasn't expecting me to go over there and hug him, his eyes were watching me as I moved toward him, I put my arms around him.

He was surprised I felt him tense up, then relax as he put his arms around my waist for a hug.

"Thank you." I simply said and let go of the embrace slowly.

"Shall we go? We're still on a schedule." Paul said looking at the time on the clock.

Paul escorted Lou, Gemma, Harry, and Louis to the vans in twos.

I was hearing fans and seeing flashes from the door.

The next van was cleared upward.

Paul had Zayn and Liam go.

Girls were going nuts and so were the paps.

Then me and Niall. Of course.

I was still in pain so keep in mind I moved slow.

"Paul I can't run out there." I stated.

"I can carry you." Niall offered.

"It's the only option, Paul has to clear the way." Niall spoke again making a point.

I looked sharply at both of them, I wasn't sure about this but I didn't want to argue.

Before I could say yes, Niall was carrying me like I was an injured solider, or a girl at her wedding.

I had my arms wrapped around his neck and his hand was wrapped around my back while the other underneath my legs.

I hid my face with my hoodie and Niall had Paul do the same. I covered my face with Niall's chest and the hoodie.

As we moved I heard everyone screaming and I could hear the flashes of camera and people screaming things.

I think someone touched my foot, or tried to anyway.

I don't think Niall covered his face like I did, were nobody could see it.

This was complete chaos.

When we reached the van I heard the door slid open right away. Niall got in while holding me still, he sat down and as soon as the doors closed I slid off of him and sat in the chair next to the window.

"That was crazy." Liam said.

"Yeah it was." Niall said.

"Thanks Niall." I stated before anyone could say anything.

"No problem babe." He said, I instantly looked at him and he just realized what he said and he turned red, blushing so hard.

"Niall you looked like a superhero from here." Zayn said laughing.

"Well I'm as strong as one." He said in hulk voice and flexed his arms messing around. The boys al laughed and I did to surprisingly.

When Paul hopped into the passenger seat in the front, the van started to pull away slowly.

And off we go back to the tour buses, I was informed that we'd be leavening London tomorrow, and we're off the Manchester.

I looked over at Niall and he was looking at me like he used to when I caught him admiring me.

He blushed and I slowly looked away, I caught myself smiling.

I starred out the window as we drove back to the stadium.

Everything seemed peaceful for now.

But nothing has changed and this is a job, I'm just glad there wasn't much tension between me and Niall for a moment.

It makes me crazy that we hadn't talked about what happened to us.


As we pulled up to the stadium I realized that I had been starring at Aubrey. She was lost in thought as she stared out the window.

I looked to the backseat and Zayn and Liam were sleeping on each other. Like children from a long road trip.

I was tired too. I didn't notice it until I yawned, my eyes are probably red.

That girl gave me a heart attack, I can't believe it, still that she had one.

I'm gonna make sure she never smokes again even if she hates me in the end, or she gets mad, I cannot lose this girl.

She's everything to me.


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