Was I Wrong

She's on my mind 24/7 loosing her was the hardest thing I could've ever done, I had no choice. - Niall Horan


9. Exposed


When we came off the stage Aubrey was no where to be seen, I was exhausted and sad.

"Where's Aubrey?" Liam asked Dave as he looked to me, I looking away to stare at my hands.

"She left with her bus to the next stadium." Dave said with sad eyes.

He's probably heard what went down, he patted me back.

"Get moving boys we have to be somewhere tomorrow." He said with a small smile

"Niall may I have a word?" Dave asked

I nodded my head.

"Are you alright lad?" He asked

"I'm fine." I said not actually being fine.

"Listen I know the first time was hard breaking up with her but you seriously don't want to enter the relationship again, remember what almost happened last time? Those people threatening you? For money?" Dave said bring it up.

"Dave they're in jail now, and they have been conformed with a restraining order, as well as probation for life when they get out, they aren't even allowed on the internet . I'm not making the same mistakes as last time." I said thinking about Aubrey.

"Remember Niall you speak out about what almost happened people will make your life a living hell." Dave said.

"Obviously, Dave I only ever wanted to tell Aubrey." I said sadden

"Nobody!" Dave said and walked off.

You know what I don't care if magazines and paps make my live a living hell. It's not all that bad what happened.

Everything I distinctly did was for Aubrey, the lads, my family, my friends and the fans sake.

And Aubrey has no fucking clue, either does everyone else.

"Niall you coming?" Louis said.

"Yeah" I said following him outside to the buses we waved at fans still at the gates.

And entered the bus,

I changed into basketball shorts and threw my self to my bunk.

My body couldn't take it anymore, I slowly drifted off the sleep. Listening to the silence of the bus, no one knew what to say to me.

Because they didn't know how to help me, or they didn't know what to think.

Sorry lads looks like I have to coop with this on my own.


As I sat in the back of the bus, knees pulled up to my face, I couldn't cry but I could think.

Niall loves me.

But I can't see it.

That kiss was something though, something like the first time we kissed, it was magic, my world fell apart for a split moment tonight.

My head is still confused.

Like I've said before I'm bit speaking to him unless he has something to admit to me, why did he leave me, God only knows himself.

My phone kept buzzing, on the couch.

I picked it up, disappointed almost, that it wasn't Niall.

It was Dave.

'Have you heard anything about the reason Niall left you?' He texted

That's a weird question why did he ask me it's none of faces business but mine and Niall's.

'No?' I texted back and he didn't respond after that.

I'm vey puzzled right now.

Niall wants to tell me why he left me but he cannot, now Dave is asking if Niall spilled anything.

Everything seems so fishy.

I'm not stupid I notice almost everything.

So there must be a secret holding Niall back.


I opened my lap top and got onto tumblr.

People we're reblogging a video that has surfaced.

I pressed play, it me standing by the bus smoking, then it showed the lads walking toward the bus, Niall talking but you couldn't here anything. That's when Niall screamed at me 'what the hell are you doing' and me talking then him responding.

It was like the memory was replaying in my head, all you could hear were fans talking about what's happing.

"Are they fighting?" A girl asked

"Looks like a break up." Another said

"He had a girlfriend." Another said and it kept going on and on.

Why do people automatically think we're going out.

Then it showed Liam yelling at us to get into the bus. As he pointed.

I opened the door and stormed in Zayn was the last in. After 7 more minutes, the video showed the bus door opening but barely, that's when Niall kissed me.

Then I opened it and there I was crying I stopped and leaned on the bus then stormed off inside the arena.

"Why is she crying, hopefully nothing bad happened." The voice sounded familiar, I think it was one of the girl whom asked me a question.

Then moments later Niall opened the door, eyes puffy with Zayn and Liam following behind him.

They patted his shoulders they continued to walk back I got he building.

And that was the end of the video.

I found myself crying thinking about that moment.

Niall was just trying to show me he cared, and I'm so stubborn.

I rewatched the video a few times.

Then it got me thinking he does care.

But I don't believe he still loves me.

I sobbed into my pullover hoodie.

This sucks.

Then I got a text from my boss,

'Better be working on the album then your love story.'

Was all he said I didn't respond.

The whole world just witnessed our little fight.

No body in the fandom knew I existed until now,

Even when me and Niall were dating I was his little secret, he didn't want me getting bullied or to be sad when people said mean things, so I was his little secret and he was mine.

Now fans are going to do there own research project on me to find out everything they can on me.

I know how this goes I've seen it a million times in fandoms, the crazy girls in the fandom though.

And it leave the person they idolize unhappy because their partner couldn't handle being bullied.

Many fans think they're stating their opinions but in reality they should just keep their mouths shut, of you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all, because in reality we don't really know much about our idols, we only know what they say or what they do on stage, what about behind closed curtains.

We don't know as much as we think we know bit yet we still love them.

I've experimented this when I was 14 in a fandom.

Now I'm old enough to realize that.

Now I'm scared.

I texted Niall about the video, worried and scared, I've never have experienced anything like this and I'm scared what's to come.

'Niall I'm still hurt and mad, but have you seen the video that has surface, rumors are starting and it's burning like a wild fire, I'm scared.' I sent the message trembling.

He was probably asleep so I didn't expect a response.

I decided my body need it's sleep. I took a shower and put my hair in a fishtail braid.

Changed into sweats and a tee of a band.

I brushed my teeth put on my retainer, and went to sleep in my bunk.

As I lifted the blanket over my body, Niall's scent was left behind.

I sneezed and relaxed into the familiar aroma.

I felt a tear fall from my eye, I let it find it's way down my cheek, and it hit the pillow.

To many tears have been shed today.

When will this end.

Zayn and Perrie have found a forever, Ellie and Louis and extremely happy together.

When will I find my happy ending.

I slowly drifted off with Niall's face in my head, and his eyes were crying.


My eyes were shut but I was awake, I didn't want to be awake right now.

I tried to force myself back to sleep but it wasn't happening.

My eyes slowly opened. I started at the ceiling.

My eyes were burning from all the tear shed.

Right now it's hard but it's going to get better. I tried to say to myself.

My heart aches. I just want to hold Aubrey in my arms, I want to scream to the world I love her and I'd take her back in a heart beat, I'd fight for her until her heart stops beating, until the day I die.

There is absolutely no one but her.

I saw my phone light up.

I picked it up, I had a messages from Dave and as I scrolled I saw a message from Aubrey.

I read hers first.

'Niall I'm still hurt and mad, but have you seen the video that has surface, rumors are starting and it's burning like a wild fire, I'm scared.' I scanned the message what video.

I suddenly jumped out of bed, and saw that Zayn was on his laptop.

"Zayn pull up the video." He looked at me confused

"What video?" Zayn said

Harry's attention turn to us.

"There's a video of us surfacing and spreading like a damn wild fire. It's probably on the news." I said.

Harry came to sit across Zayn on the tank I was hovering over him.

He type one direction. And scrolled past a few links until he saw the title 'Drama On WWA Tour'

Zayn clicked it and there was a video with a long paragraph thinking they knew what went down.

Zayn presses the video.

The video showed me yelling at Aubrey for smoking and then he talking. You couldn't hear what we were saying but I looked mad like Aubrey, then Liam pissed off pointing at the bus telling us to get in, Aubrey opening the door and climbing in us following.

Fans were talking and then it 8 or 7 minutes later it shows Aubrey coming out of the bus breathing hard and crying and then she walked back inside the arena. A moment later showing a crying me and the lads patting my back as we walked into the arena to perform.

When you scrolled down there was a video of me crying on stage last night.

I was expecting me crying on stage to surface but not me and Aubrey fighting.

I'm scared for Aubrey now, there's a reason our relationship was exclusive.

In interviews I'd say I have a girlfriend but I wouldn't say her name or anything to give her way.

She was my secret and I hers.

"Oh god, this is bad" Harry said.

"But is it really?" Zayn said

"Yes it is because they're gonna go FBI on Aubrey and find out everything they can about her and soon she'll become a fuck celebrity, she'll be gossiped about, she'll receive hate, exactly what we were trying to avoid when we were together." I said pissed.

"We'll talk to management." Harry suggested

"They can't do anything about it, I have to directly address this situation." I said.

Zayn slid his lap top over to me,

I logged onto to twitter.

And started to tweet.

"The video that has surfaced was a small argument with my friend over a song we were writing..." I tweeted

"Just to clarify it and before people hurt someone.."

"So no need to be freaked out, she's just a friend and a cowriter." I tweeted

"That will do hopefully." I said to Zayn and Harry.

I logged off twitter, and took a breather.

"I'm going to take a shower." I said

I need to speak to her right away.


I woke up to my phone vibrating a hard against the wall.

I groaned and picked it up, it was my mom

"Hello." I said with a scratchy voice

"Did I wake you sorry. Anyway why am I seeing you all over the internet?" My mom said freaking out.

"Just a little argument with Niall, and once you mix rumors in the world goes nuts." I said rubbing my eye

"Ugh the media sucks." She said

"I know mom." I said

"What time is it over there?" I asked

"Around 1 in the morning."

It was 7 in the morning over here, I was planning in sleeping until 11 but guess not.

"Mom I know I want to talk too but I'm extremely exhausted, so I'll give you a call when it's noon over there. Kay, I love you and everyone else night." I said

"Ok night love you too." She said sounding defeated.

I hung up and tried to close my eye lids, they eventually did and but then something started to bug me.

I'm all over the internet.

I pondered that thought in my head.

I slipped down from my bunk, half awake.

I pulled out my iPad mini from my back pack, and went to E news.

The first thing I saw was the video then I went to yahoo news the video and then to Twitter where my name was trending along with Niall's.

I went to Niall's twitter and read the tweets people were talking about. I sighed in relief almost but this won't go away and people will think he's bullshitting.

I know how the entertainment business is.

He should to, maybe it's a distraction.

I've gotten a lot of mentions and direct messages now, I had to block off my direct messages from people suddenly following me to only allow DMS to the people I follow.

I follow almost every actors and musicians.

But not Niall. I followed him to keep an eye on his tweets, now.

And all the verified one direction accounts.

I followed the crew and Niall's family.

I need to keep a close eye on what they all say now.

I starred at the trends




What is this madness.

I decided to tweet a selfie, to act like nothing has happened.

I posted a selfie I took the other day with Gemma, with the caption fun on the road :)

Then I tweeted

'Loving life at the moment.'

It was a lie I hate life right now, I wasn't as happy as I was when I was taking pictures with Gemma and Lou backstage.

I took a shower and changed into a 5SOS white tee the lads had gave me. And I changed into black skinny jeans.

I wore my black on black converse. I put my hair in a messy ponytail and I had little make up on.

I was wearing my contacts instead of my glasses, with my small line of black eyeliner and mascara, my eyelashes felt really long.

I plucked my eyebrows and once I finished the bus had stopped, which means we've arrive to the arena.

My phone buzzed.

"Meeting once you get off the bus in the lounges office now." Dave sent a group text message to just me and Niall.

Damn it.

I grabbed my backstage pass and stuffed it into my back pocket, I slipped on my tan trench coat and a burgundy infinity scarf.

"See yeah Henry." I smiled small

And he did the same and tipped his head.

Niall's bus just pulled up, making me walk faster to the arena.

I followed the signs and found the lounge Dave was sitting on a one seat couch. Nervously waiting.

I opened the door and took a seat right away on the love seat.

"Welcome." He said smiling.

Seconds later Niall entered the room. He took a seat across from me.

"What is it Dave." I said tensing.

As did Niall he looked uncomfortable.

"Management has instructed me to spill everything, therefore Niall you have permission on telling her what we were trying to protect everyone from, she's involved physically now.

And that they're advising a plan for all the rumors, and they want to know how far we are with the album." Dave explained

Niall looks lighter now, almost relieved and happy but scared as well.

"We are almost done we just need a few more songs." I smiled proud of myself in a cocky way almost.

"That's amazing." He said happily

"Yeah it is considering it hasn't taken that long.." I was cut off with Dave putting his finger up and spending into the phone.

"Is that seriously the only thing you can come up with, can't we just ignore the issue, it's not getting to them. Sir.. All I'm asking is if you think of them before the media..."

Me and Niall watched him intensely.

"Ok.... Bye." Dave shoved his phone in his pocket.

"What?" Niall said in a mean tone almost.

"Umm they had a stupid plan advised, and they're fighting the boss with it." Dave said scratching his neck.

"What was it?" I asked.

"It's classified for now." Dave said.

"I have to see you guys later." Dave said leaving the room in almost mad.

"Aubrey." Niall said, my attention now focused onto him.

He moved to sit on the couch I was sitting on.

"The reason I left you was because I was being scammed, threatened."

"What do you mean?" I said unsure of how to respond, this could all be some bullshit.

"Two people threatened to make my life a living hell, our life a living hell, they threatened to kill you because they wanted money, they knew about you, it's kinda twisted."

He sighed taking a breath

"It started with video messages, then pretending to kill a fake body and they had your name on the body, management tried hard to find these people to the point where we involved the CIA. They found them and put them in jail, they were stirred crazy people, who wanted to hurt me and you. It's all crazy I know, anyway then management said that I should leave you, because it wasn't safe having a relationship and I broke your heart would keep you safe. The four months of complete hurt and meanness was the hardest thing I've ever done. I cried myself to sleep knowing what I had done to you."

I was tearing up, people wanted to hurt me because of money, am I being punked?

"And you were in my dreams every night, I was a mess and still am. The clubs and women were all actors for the cameras. There's no one else but you and I'm tried of this. I want you, no I need you on my life." Niall said entwining my hands with his.

This is all unbelievable.

I fell like I'm getting punked like what in the hell.

Though I believe it because my mother told me a story that actually happened to Spanish singer Vincente Fernandez, his son was kidnapped and they cut his fingers off, all because they wanted money.

This world is insane.

"I'm so shocked right now." I said tearing up.

"I know, it's a lot, I'm sorry." Niall said and pulled me into a hug.

I was crying into his shoulder.

Authors Note:

I didn't know what else to come up with so bear with me please, it seems a little unreal but It could happen to anyone.

Anyway I hope you like it, and I was wondering if you could check out my new story 'Fallen Soldiers' Niall's in it too I thought it was something different and yeah.

Leave feedback and such and once again thank you for reading :)

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