My Best Friend's A Bitch (A WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 20 May 2014
  • Updated: 20 May 2014
  • Status: Complete
My Best Friend's A Bitch; **SHORT STORY** Her life is perfect, she gets all the boys she wants, she's the one every girl hates and every guys wants to be with. Kim and Renee are childhood friends, when Renee introduces Dean to Kim, she thought they were only getting to know eachother, but little does she know. Dean is having an affair with Kim. When Renee finds out, she is hurt. Kim does all she can to apologize, but will Renee forgive Kim?


4. Truth or...

Renee: I'm gonna go grocery shopping, want to come Kim? 

Kim: No, I'm gonna head in the water today. 

Roman: Yeah, I am too. 

Kim: Yeah. 

Dean: I'll stay and watch the house. 

Renee: Ok. I'll be back. *leaves* 

Roman: *goes surfing* 

Kim: *sits by the shore* 

Dean: *watching tv* 

Kim: *heads back in the house/gets a drink of water/closes the fridge* Whoa! You scared me Dean. 

Dean: *chuckles* Sorry, thought I heard someone come in. 

Kim: No, it's just me. *crosses her arms* So? Tell me, are you gonna marry Renee? 

Dean: Look at me, do I look like the type of guy that wants to tie down and raise a family? No.  

Kim: Just asking since you are with one. 

Dean: I'm not gonna marry her, I don't plan to. 

Kim: Then why stay with her and lead her on? If you don't love her then leave her. 

Dean: How? 

Kim: I don't know, say that it's not gonna work out and... 

Roman: *walks in* 

Dean/Kim: *looks at roman* 

Roman: What? *walks off the other direction* 

Kim: *walks off* 

Dean: *sighs* 

Renee: *walks thru the doors* Can you help carry some groceries in* 

Dean: Yep.  

(Later That Night) 

Nikki: Thank you so much for inviting us. You don't know how happy we are to be here with you guys. It's been so long. 

Bryan: This is actually a nice beach house, how'd you get it? 

Dean: Oh, it's an old friend of mine's. 

Bryan: Nice. 

John: It's a big place. *looks around* 

Dean: *eating* Yeah I know. 

Brie: I'm gonna look around* 

Maryse: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: I got it. *opens it* Hey girl. *hugs Maryse* 

Maryse: Hey. *hugs kim back* 

John: Just you? 

Mike: Yeah, I drove the girls here. 

Eve: Please, like it was far. 

Mike: 3 hours, yeah it is Eve. 

Eve: Ok, you drove to Vegas. 

Mike: Now see, that's different. 

Eve: No it's not. 

Renee: Hey Summer! *hugs summer* 

Summer: Hey girl, it's been so long, how are you? 

Renee: I'm actually great, I can't believe you invited us here. 

Renee: Yeah, we wanted to invite as much people as we can. 

Seth: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: *opens it* 

Seth: Hi? 

Kim: Who are you? 

Seth: I'm Seth Rollins, is Dean or Roman here? 

Kim: Oh, come in. *closes the door* 

Dean: *laughs* You made it bro. 

Seth: Yeah, I did man. Exhausted. 

Roman: Tell me about it. 

Renee: Kim, can you help pass the snacks around. 

Kim: Yeah, that's fine. *gathers the snacks together* 

Dean: *walks by* Helping out huh. *eating the snack* 

Kim: *smiles happy* Yeah I am, it's a full house tonight. 

Dean: *puts his hands on kims waist* You look nice tonight. 

Summer: *sees kim and dean* What the hell? 

Kim: *laughs* Ok move, I have to serve the people here. 

Dean: Ok. *turns around and give kim a kiss and walks off* 

Kim: *chuckles* Dean! 

Dean: *turns around again and smiles* Like you didn't kiss me before. *walks off* 

Summer: *walks into the kitchen* Hey guys. *fakes a smile* Where's the water? 

Kim: In the fridge. 

Summer: Thanks. *gets a water* 

Kim: *passes the snacks around* Want some? 

Dean: Thanks. *winks at kim* 

Summer: What's going on between you two? 

Dean: What?  

Summer: I saw the way you looked at her. 

Kim: Summer what are you talking about? 

Renee: *enters the scene* What's going on? 

Summer: Dean was... 

Kim: Summer was checking Dean out. 

Renee: Summer! 

Summer: *gasp* I was not! 

Nikki: Why did you guys have to bring her for? She's so dramatic. 

Summer: I am not dramatic! I saw Dean and Kim kiss in the kitchen earlier! 

Dean: What? 

Renee: Dean? 

Dean: I did not, I was gonna tell her thank you for passing the snacks around and then Blondie over there started shit. 

Kim: Renee, you are my best friend. I would never do that to you. 

Renee: I need to go lie down. 

Kim: *puts the tray down and walks out to the beach* 

Roman: I'll go talk to Kim, you can go talk to Renee. 

Dean: Alright. 

Roman: Hey. 

Kim: Hey. *kicking the sand* 

Roman: You ok? 

Kim: Roman, I did not do anything with Dean. I don't even know why Summer would say that. 

Roman: I honestly don't know her, but I'm gonna tell you this though. 

Kim: Ok? 

Roman: Dean does like you, he's told me since he first saw you, but he kept it to himself. I did see him look at you just now, but I'm not gonna say anything because it's not my problem.  

Kim: But Roman, Dean and I haven't even kissed. 

Roman: I believe you. 

Dean: Babe? 

Renee: What? 

Dean: Can we talk. 

Renee: Was it true?  

Dean: That I kissed Kim? No, I would never do that to you babe. Especially with everyone around you really think I would kiss Kim? I'm not that kind of person Renee. I love you. 

Renee: Are you sure? *cries* 

Dean: Yeah. 

Renee: I trust Summer Dean. 

Dean: And Kim? 

Renee: I do too. 

Dean: Whatever Summer said is not true and I want you to know that ok.  

Renee: Ok. 

Dean: C'mon, let's go back out there. 

Renee: Ok. *walks hand in hand with dean* 

Dean: Let me to get Roman and Kim. 

Kim: *drawing in the mud with Roman* 

Roman: *laughing* 

Kim: *laughs* 

Dean: *watches from afar* 

Roman: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *smiles*  

Roman: *moves kims hair away from her face* 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you. 

Roman: *stares at kim* 

Kim: What? 

Roman: *pushes kim* 

Kim: Hey! *gets up and tackles roman to the ground* 

Roman: *gets up and pulls kim to the water* 

Kim: *screams in laughter* 

Roman: *pulls kim back into the water* 

Kim: It's cold! Stop! *laughs and runs to the shore* 

Roman: *pushes kim onto the ground* 

Kim: *laughs* 

Roman: *laughing* 

Dean: *gets jealous and goes back into the house* 

Renee: Did you find them? 

Dean: Uh, no. *sits down with seth and bites his nails nervously* 

Seth: Dude. 

Kim: *jumps on romans back* 

Roman: *walks back to the house* 

Kim: *jumps down/smiles* That was fun. 

Roman: *chuckles softly* Glad you had fun. 

Kim: *walks in the house with roman* 

Nikki: Wow, what happened out there? *smiles* 

Kim: *laughs* Nothing too serious, the tide just came at us. 

Brie: I don't even know him, but you two are like so cute. 

Kim: Aw, thanks Brie. *smiles at roman* 

Roman: *smiles softly* 

Kim: We're gonna go get change. *leaves first* 

Roman: *walks behind kim* 

(The Next Night) 

Nikki: Let's play a game you guys. 

Brie: What kind? 

Nikki: Since most of us are drunk or soberint up, let's play Truth or Dare. 

Summer: Yes, I'll go first. Dean truth or dare. 

Dean: *laughs* Dare. 

Summer: I dare you to make out with the any girl, not including Renee. 

Renee: *fakes a smile* 

Dean: Ok. *stands up and looks around* I choose... *looks at eve and then kim* Hmm... *walks towards kim* 

Renee: *stands up* Truth! 

Dean: *looks at renee* 

Renee: Is it true that you and Kim kissed last night. 

Kim: What? 

Renee: I want the truth. 

Brie: Let's play something else. 

Nikki: Renee, you are drunk, sit down. 

Dean: Yeah. Yeah, it's true. It wasn't the first. 

Renee: *shocked/hurt* 

John: *feels bad* 

Nikki: *wants to laugh* 

Brie: Nikki, this isn't funny. You better stop it. 

Renee: So it's true. 

Dean: Yeah. 

Kim: Renee, you are my best friend and I never wanted to hurt you like this. 

Renee: *cries* Never!? How! When did you two start seeing eachother? 

Kim: We nevered did Renee. You are my best friend; I would never do that with him. That is all lies. Dean, tell her! 

Dean: No we did kiss before. No, it was more like making out together if you call half naked and kissing making out. 

Kim: *heartbeating fast* It did not happen Dean! 

Dean: Nope it happened and then the second was when Summer saw and third would be... now. *grabs kim and kisses her* 

Renee: *gets more hurt* 

Kim: Dean! *pushes dean away and runs off* 

Dean: *stands in silence* 

Roman: *runs after kim* 

Nikki: Wait who is he? Why does he keep going after her? 

Summer: *sitting still* 

Brie: You bitch! 

Summer: What? 

Brie: All because of you this is happening! 

Summer: What did I do? Nikki was the one that said to play it! 

Brie: I'm not talking about the game! 

Summer: Oh I'm sorry that I'm such a good friend! If I saw Bryan kissing Nikki then I would of said the same thing too! *walks off* 

Bryan: What? You can't be making shit up! Brie, that nevered happened. 

Brie: I know it didn't, she just has issues. 

Renee: Summer! *runs after summer* 

Mike: Let's just call it a night and get some rest. 

Dean: No, you all are going home right now or in the morning. *leaves* 

Roman: Kim! *grabs onto kims arm and hugs her* 

Kim: *cries into romans arms* I can't believe this just happened. 

Roman: I know you never meant for it to happen. 

Kim: I hurt her Roman, I hurted my only friend that I ever truly had. I hurt her. 

Roman: She'll forgive you Kim, trust me. 

Kim: I can't believe it, I can't believe this happened. 

Roman: *hugs kim tighter* Just hug me, hug me as tight as you need to let it all out. 

Kim: *hugs roman as tight as she can* 

Roman: *tries not to show the pain* 

Dean: Renee! 

Renee: I am leaving Dean! I'm going home with Summer and I am taking my things out your house! I no longer want to be with you! 

Dean: Can we talk this out? 

Renee: No! *leaves with summer* 

John: *driving* 

Nikki: Summer is such a bitch, she freakin ruined this vacation for us all. 

Brie: Who the hell brought her here? 

Bryan: She's Renee's friend, of course Renee invited her. 

Brie: No who did she come with? 

Bryan: Herself? Cause I don't think Mike would have went to pick her up all the way over there. 

Nikki: She came herself, Kelly told me. 

Brie: Ew, she's such a bitch and a slut, I hate her. 

Roman: Where'd everyone go? 

Seth: Home. 

Roman: Where's Dean? 

Seth: He's getting his things ready. Here you and Kim can take my car, I'll drive Dean home. 

Roman: Ok. C'mon, let's go get our stuff. 

(1 Year Later) 

Kim: *shopping* 

Renee: *shopping* 

Kim: Renee? 

Renee: Kim. 

Kim: How are you? I tried calling you, but you nevered... 

Renee: Yeah, I changed my number and moved. I'm just in town to see Summer, my real best friend. 

Kim: I thought I was your best friend? 

Renee: Yeah, I once thought that too, but now I see who my real friend is. My real friend would never ever! Backstab me like you did. 

Kim: Renee, I never meant to hurt you like that. 

Renee: *upset* Shut up you bitch! 

Kim: *gasp* 

Renee: I hate you! *cries* I hate you so much right now Kim! I still do! I really liked Dean! 

Kim: You can have him. We're not even together right now, we never was. I'm happy with someone else.  

Renee: I don't care who you're with. 

Kim: You should be because for once I found love and I'm happily engage to him. 

Renee: I don't care who you end up with! And I don't care who it is! 

Kim: It's Roman. 

Renee: What? 

Kim: I'm sorry I hurted you, but I'm glad someone brought it up because I would of never told you.  

Renee: Get out of my face Kim, I hate you. You're a liar! You're a bitch and a backstabbing slut! *walks off mad* 

Kim: *stands in silence* 

Roman: Things will go back to normal, trust me. 

Kim: Right, she just called me a liar, bitch, and slut in one sentence. *walks off* 

Roman: *exhales* Some kind of friends you two are. *walks off with kim*

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