My Best Friend's A Bitch (A WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 20 May 2014
  • Updated: 20 May 2014
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My Best Friend's A Bitch; **SHORT STORY** Her life is perfect, she gets all the boys she wants, she's the one every girl hates and every guys wants to be with. Kim and Renee are childhood friends, when Renee introduces Dean to Kim, she thought they were only getting to know eachother, but little does she know. Dean is having an affair with Kim. When Renee finds out, she is hurt. Kim does all she can to apologize, but will Renee forgive Kim?


1. Meeting Dean Ambrose

Kim: *meets up with renee* 

Renee: Hey. *hugs kim* 

Kim: *smiles* So? What's the news? You wanted me to meet someone, where are they? 

Renee: They're on their way. 

Kim: Ok. *sits down and fixes her make up* 

Renee: Kim, you are fine. 

Kim: No, I want to look better than that person.  

Renee: *laughs* Why? 

Kim: I'm not gonna get replace by a new friend. *chuckles* 

Renee: You're too funny Kim. 

Dean: *walks in* 

Renee: *smiles and waves to dean* 

Dean: *waves to renee* 

Kim: *looks back and sees dean* 

Dean: *walks to renee and hugs her* 

Renee: Kim, meet my boyfriend Dean, Dean meet my childhood best friend, Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* It's nice to meet you. 

Dean: Nice to meet you Kim. 

Kim: So? Is this the person? 

Renee: Yes, isn't he perfect? 

Kim: *smiles flirty* Of course he is. He's perfect for you Renee. Where'd you two meet? *takes a sip of her water* 

Renee: *blushes* We met at the mall, I was short on 3 dollars and helped paid for it. 

Kim: *smiles/chuckles* Renee! That is so wrong of you! *laughs* But I'm glad you two head off with a good start. How long ago was this? 

Renee: Almost two months now. 

Kim: Aw, that is so cute babe! I wish I had a man like him.  

Dean: I actually have a friend who is single, maybe I can try hooking you two up. 

Kim: *leans in* Is he hot? Is he a good kisser, can he work in bed? 

Dean: *uncomfortable* Um... 

Renee: Kim! *throws her napkin at kim* 

Kim: Hey! *laughs* 

Renee: *laughs* He doesn't know, he said friend. 

Kim: Right, so, are we ready to order? 

Renee: Yeah, let's order. 

(The Next Week) 

Renee: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hello? 

Renee: Hey, want to go to the club with me and Dean? We can hook you up with a guy friend. 

Kim: Sure. I mean, if he's attractive then maybe I can keep him, but if he's not... I'm sorry don't get mad. 

Renee: He's a good looking guy, I met him once. 

Kim: Oh, well then of course, I want to go. 

Renee: Alright, get ready; we'll come pick you up. 

Kim: Alright, see ya. *gets ready* 

Dean: Is she going? 

Renee: Yeah she is. 

Kim: *hanging out with dean and renee* Is he coming? If not then I'm gonna go get on the floor. 

Dean: He should be here by now. 

Kim: *walking off* Alright well get me when he gets here. *dances on the floor* 

Dean: *stares at kim* 

Kim: *freaking on the dance floor* 

Renee: Let's go join her. 

Dean: Ok. *dances with renee on the floor* 

Kim: *takes a few shots and drinks* 

Renee: That's enough Kim, let's go home, you're getting out of hand* 

Kim: *pushes renee away* I am fine. *laughs* 

Renee: No you're not. 

Kim: Yeah I am. *takes another shot and knocks out* 

Renee: *sighs* Can you help me carry her to the car. 

Dean: I'll carry her. *carries kim to the car* 

Renee: *opens the back seat* 

Dean: *puts kim in the back/stares her from head to toe* 

Renee: *goes and sits in the passenger side* 

Dean: *cont. looking at kim* 

Renee: Babe? C'mon, let's go. 

Dean: Sorry. *gets in the car and drives off* 

(The Next Morning) 

Kim: *wakes up* Where am I? *looks at her clothes* What the hell? 

Dean: *watching tv* 

Kim: *hears the tv and walks out the room*  

Dean: Oh? You're up. *smiles* 

Kim: Is this your place? 

Dean: Yeah, it is. 

Kim: Where's Renee? 

Dean: She went to work, she told you to stay. 

Kim: Um, do you know where my clothes are? 

Dean: They're in the laundry, you had a little too much and threw up all over yourself. 

Kim: Ew. 

Dean: Renee said you're a party girl. 

Kim: Yeah, I am actually. *chuckles and sits across from dean* 

Dean: Your clothes should be dry now, but um Renee has a few clothes here, she wants you to wear them. 

Kim: Which room? 

Dean: I'll show you. 

Kim: *follows dean* 

Dean: *shows kim the clothes and leaves* 

Renee: *coming home from work* 

Dean: *in the kitchen* 

Kim: *walks to the kitchen* Sorry if I caused any trouble last night. 

Dean: No you didn't, um, the cups are up on the cupboards if you are thirsty. 

Kim: Oh ok. *reaches for a glass cup* 

Dean: *checks kim out* 

Kim: *pours some water for herself* 

Dean: *staring at kim* 

Kim: *drinking her water/looks at dean* What? 

Dean: Nothing, you just look good.  

Kim: Really? 

Dean: Honestly you look better wearing that then Renee. 

Kim: *chuckles* Don't treat my friend like that. She's my best friend, don't hurt her. 

Dean: I wasn't going to. *walks up to kim* You're really beautiful you know that. 

Kim: *smiles flirty* I get that all the time.  

Dean: *leans closer to kim* 

Kim: *about to kiss dean* 

Renee: *walks in the kitchen* Oh my gosh, today at work was such a hassle.  

Dean: Babe, you're home, I didn't hear you come in. 

Renee: I have the keys remember? 

Dean: Oh yeah. *chuckles* Hungry?  

Renee: Yes, let's all go out to eat. 

Dean: Yeah that's fine. *walks to renee and kisses her* 

Kim: *gets annoyed* I think I'm gonna call a taxi and get home instead. 

Dean: No, join us. 

Renee: Yeah. 

Kim: I need to shower, I stink really bad. 

Renee: Ok, well let me get your clothes and we can drop you off home first. 

Kim: Thanks. 

Renee: *goes into the garage* 

Dean: *looks at kim and smiles* 

Kim: *rolls her eyes and smiles* 

Renee: Here you go babe. 

Kim: Thank you. *walks off*

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