My Best Friend's A Bitch (A WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 20 May 2014
  • Updated: 20 May 2014
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My Best Friend's A Bitch; **SHORT STORY** Her life is perfect, she gets all the boys she wants, she's the one every girl hates and every guys wants to be with. Kim and Renee are childhood friends, when Renee introduces Dean to Kim, she thought they were only getting to know eachother, but little does she know. Dean is having an affair with Kim. When Renee finds out, she is hurt. Kim does all she can to apologize, but will Renee forgive Kim?


3. Fun In The Beach

Roman: Who else is going with us? 

Dean: Kim, Renee's friend. 

Roman: Oh her? Yeah, sorry I didn't come that day. 

Renee: It's ok, she was really drunk anyways. 

Dean: *laughs* Yeah, she was. 

Renee: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: *opens the door* Oh, you guys are here already. 

Renee: What are you wearing? 

Kim: It was kinda hot, so I decided to just wear a top and my mini shorts. *smiles* Why, too out of dress code to go? 

Renee: No, let's go. 

Kim: Ok. 

Roman: *looks at kim* Damn, she's hot. 

Dean: She's got the whole package right. 

Roman: Why didn't you tell me she was hot. 

Dean: Thought you knew. 

Roman: No! 

Kim: *opens the door* 

Roman: Hi. 

Kim: *smiles* Roman correct? 

Roman: Yeah. 

Kim: I'm Kim, Renee's best friend. 

Renee: *gets in the passenger side* 

Roman: You're really pretty. 

Kim: *smiles* You're not the first or last, but thank you. 

Roman: Yeah no problem. 

Kim: *sits down* 

Dean: Ready? 

Renee: Yep. *smiles* Let's go. 

All: *arrives at the beach* 

Kim: *takes off her sandals and puts on her wedges* I'm gonna go shopping, I'll be back. 

Renee: You're gonna wear those? 

Kim: Honey, if you're single, you're gonna have to look as hot as you can out there. *lets her hair down and smiles* Wish you can join me. *walks off* 

Dean: *tries hard not to look at kim* 

Renee: Let's settle in. 

Dean: Yeah. *looks at roman* 

Roman: I'll be back. *goes after kim* Kim! Hold up! 

Kim: *looks back* 

Roman: I'm gonna hang out with you. 

Kim: Ok. *smiles and puts her arms around romans arm* 

Roman: *smiles* 

Kim: What? Don't like it. 

Roman: People might think we're a couple. 

Kim: We can be the hottest couple here. Don't you want a hot girlfriend? *smiles flirty* 

Roman: *smiles* 

Kim: *shops* 

(Later That Night) 

Kim: *sitting out by the beach* 

Renee: *joins kim* 

Kim: So what's it like living with Dean? 

Renee: He is amazing, I love him. 

Kim: Girl, tonight, I am going to fuck you up so hard, that when you go to sleep, you and Dean are gonna get it on. 

Renee: *laughs* Kim! 

Kim: What? *laughs* That vagina needs some action. 

Renee: I am saving it for marriage ok. 

Kim: Isn't be gonna be the one? 

Renee: I don't know, I can't say yes, but I hope he is the one for me. 

Kim: Then? Let him get at it. I'm sure he's good in bed. 

Renee: How do you know? 

Kim: I am an expert in bed Renee, just by looking at him, I know he is.  

Renee: I don't want sex on the first night. 

Kim: It'll be fun Renee, trust me. 

Renee: Kim, stop. *smiles* 

Kim: You know you want some from him, don't be scared. 

Renee: Seriously stop. 

Kim: Afraid me and Roman's gonna hear you cry and moan or what? 

Renee: Ok, I'm gonna go in, see you inside. *laughs and leaves* 

Kim: Fine! Go inside! *looks at the beach* 

Renee: *smiling* 

Dean: What? 

Renee: Nothing babe. *kisses dean and gets a drink* 

Dean: What was the smile all about? 

Renee: Nothing babe, nothing. *smiles* 

Dean: I want to know. 

Kim: *walks in* 

Dean: What happened out there? 

Kim: What you mean? 

Renee: Nothing happened babe. *chuckles* 

Kim: *laughs* Oh just girl talk. *walks by renee and grabs her boobs* Tell him what I told you baby. *walks off* 

Dean: *looks at kim and then renee/smiles*  

Renee: She told us to have sex tonight. 

Dean: Are we? 

Renee: I don't know, I'll think about it. 

Dean: It's up to you. 

Renee: That's what I told her, but she kept assisting that we do. She's gonna get me drunk and then she wants us to do it. *laughs* 

Dean: *laughs softly*  

Roman: Hey? What was all that about? 

Kim: *smiles* What are you talking about? 

Roman: The laughs? 

Kim: Oh I just told Renee to loosen up and let Dean in. *smiles* 

Roman: Gross. 

Kim: What? Like you don't want to have sex... with me? 

Roman: *stares at kim* I hardly know you. 

Kim: What if I just... *unties her top* 

Roman: *grabs kim and kisses her* 

Renee: I'm gonna go check up on kim.  

Dean: Yeah, I'm gonna check on Roman too. 

Renee: Kim? 

Kim: *making out with roman* 

Dean: Roman! 

Roman: *about to move* 

Kim: *holds roman down kissing him* 

Renee: Kim!  

Roman: *tying kims top* 

Renee: Oh? 

Kim: Yeah? 

Dean: Is Rom... 

Roman: *still tying kims top* Yeah? 

Dean: *laughs* Tell me you two didn't already... 

Roman: No. 

Kim: That fast? I don't think so. *smiles* We were just doing this *walks to renee and licks the side of her face and walks off* 

Renee: Ew! *laughs* Kim! 

Dean: Homerun? 

Roman: She wasn't even letting me go there. 

Dean: What? 

Roman: *walks off* Not telling you. 

(Later That Night) 

Kim: Let's play truth or dare. 

Dean: Ok. 

Kim: Renee. 

Renee: Oh ok, truth. 

Kim: Have you and Dean have sex yet. 

Renee: *laughs* Kim. 

Kim: You said truth. 

Renee: Ok dare. 

Kim: Even better. I dare you and Dean to make love tonight. 

Renee: *laugh* We already had this talk. 

Kim: Oh so you two are gonna do it? 

Renee: I mean me and you. 

Kim: I'm not having sex with you. 

Renee: I meant, me and you had this talk already. 

Kim: Please! It's not that bad, I promise. Just tell him to go easy on you. 

Renee: *blushes* I'm done playing. 

Dean: My turn. Kim, I dare you to strip for us. 

Renee: *looks at dean* Dean. 

Kim: Ok. *stands up and unties her top*  

Renee: Kim! *gets mad and leaves the beach and goes back inside the house* 

Roman: That was very inappropriate Dean, go say sorry to your girlfriend. 

Dean: Alright. *leaves to find renee* 

Roman: Wear some real clothes. *leaves* 

Kim: *standing in the beach alone* 

Batista: Hey? 

Kim: Hi? 

Batista: What are you doing here alone? 

Kim: I'm not alone. *walks off* 

Batista: *pulls kim and kisses her* 

Kim: *screams* 

Batista: *covers kims mouth and carries her off* 

Roman: *runs to the beach* Kim! Kim! 

Batista: *throws kim into the car and drives off* 

Roman: *sees the car taking off* Kim! *runs after the car* 

Batista: *speeds off* 

Renee: What?! She got kidnapped?! 

Roman: I tried to stop, but the person sped off. 

Renee: We have to find her! 

Kim: *crying* What are you gonna do to me? 

Batista: We're just gonna go to my place for a bit, I'll bring you back. 

Kim: *scared* 

Batista: *pulls up and carries kim to his place* 

Kim: *gets thrown on the bed* Please don't hurt me. 

Batista: Just give me one thing. 

Kim: *smiles* Why would you kidnap me when you could have just asked me? *laughs and kisses batista* 

Batista: *kisses kim back* 

Kim: *jumps on batista and takes her top off* 

Dean: Which way did they go? 

Roman: I don't know they went took off the other direction we came from. 

Renee: This is bad you guys. 

Kim: *knocks on the door* 

Roman: I got it. *opens the door* Kim? 

Kim: Can I come in? 

Roman: What happened? 

Kim: I um... I left with someone? 

Renee: Kim! Are you ok!? *hugs kim* 

Kim: You guys, I'm fine. I just... I went for a ride. *smiles* 

Renee: That's not funny Kim, who were you with? 

Kim: I was with a guy, we went to his place and we... 

Renee: You stop being a slut for once?! You scared me to death! What if it was something serious! What if he killed you! 

Kim: Renee, I am fine. You can clearly see that I'm fine. I'm gonna go to bed. 

Dean: C'mon, let's all get some rest too. 

Roman: I'm off first. 

Renee: I can't believe she is taking this as a joke. 

Dean: She's a sex addict, of course she thinks it's gonna be fine. 

Renee: Whatever, I'm gonna go to bed. *turns over and pulls the blankets over her* 

Dean: *lies down and cuddles up with renee*

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