Last kiss.


1. Another day

"Sorry I'm late miss," I heard an unusual voice from the front of the room say. "Ah! A new student" miss P said. A new student? I repeated in my head. And Miss P looked at me as of she could read minds. She pointed to the seat next to me. " you sit back there." She said the new student nodded and walked to the very back. He sat down and looked at me. "Hello." He said "hi" I said in the lightest voice.he gave me a crooked smile. "I'm Harry." He said "and you are?"

I paused. Harry? I said I'm my head. Yes! It all sounded so familiar I went into a deep Thought.. I knew this kid! We were best friends. I felt a slight shock go down my spine. "Hello?" Harry repeated. "Oh-oh, my gosh I'm sorry I guess I was daydreaming" I replied embarrassed. "As you were saying". "Your name?" He laughed "I'm Alison, my friends call me Alli." I said hoping he'd Remeber me. Instead he just gave me a smile and looked at his text book. I frowned. Just then the I thought to myself maybe him not remembering me wouldn't be so bad after all.. I mean we did get a huge fight the day is moved away. We could finally start fresh, "So tell me about yourself" he said. "I like chocolate. And I hate the color pink." He laughed "honesty" he smiled "I like it" "now I'll tell you about me" he said; I nodded. "My favorite game is die Xman ||| and my favorite color is-"green" I said cutting him off. Oops I thought To myself. His eyebrows raised. "Luck guess" I said he laughed just then the second period bell rang.

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