No need for explanation.


1. Chapter 1

I pant as quiet as possible , I reach up and push a strand of now greasy hair , I look down at the blood splattered shirt , I try to push down the thoughts of what just happened. And I know your thinking "oh she ran away from a zombie!" Well , actually , I am the zombie. I guess a few weeks ago when I ate the old piece of gum of the sidewalk at school ( I got dared dont ask) I must gotten a physical or mental reaction , cause now every once In a while , I turn into a flesh eating monster. I try to exclude myself from other people, but my inner zombie self , just goes back to the same place , and people may think zombies are slow , but were fairly fast , I would think , considering how fast I got town last night. I try to kill myself , but the zombie , catches the bullet. I almost gag at the thought of tearing out peoples vains out of their arms.

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