That Moment

Quonda Selmort is just your average teenage almost young adult girl. Quonda is 19 years old and is proven to She is smart and has her genuis moments but, she's also lazy so thats why she lost her job at one of the biggest corporations in the modern world...she's lazy. Also Quonda lives in New York City and of course NYC is know for home of Oscorp and also home of Spiderman........
What will become of Quonda's New neighbor Peter Parker? Will she unravel the mystery of his past?

Find out in my movella That Moment


1. That Moment


   GUYS!!! THE LAST CHAPTER WAS JUST DELETED!! NNNOOO!!!! So I can't re-write it! I'm sorry you won't be able to read the last chapter that I wrote! SORRY! Anyways the reason I named this story That Moment is because in ,'that moment I finally realized, I realized the puzzle pieces weren't random, that Peter was....Spider-man.' That was like the second to last line of the book. 


 Last Line of That Moment: 


  I ran a little faster, hoping I wasn't too late. 



  That was the last of it:/ Okay bye guys! I hope someone writes another Spider-man Fan-fic and it's better than mine (because let's be honest, this book isn't as good as the one I'm working on now:/ and it wasn't too awesome to begin with:/) Okay yeah!!! 



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