Walking The Dead

Cameron has a rough life, even before the apocalypse. Her family is dead and she only has a few important people in her life now and she can't lose any more. She wants to survive and be happy but she knows she can't have both. When romance sparks, and her sister has an accident, Cameron doesn't think she wants to do it anymore. Can she survive everything that happens?


7. Not a joke

*Maliea's POV*

Cameron is never serious so this had to be a joke. 

"Ha Ha, very funny Cameron," I had to assure everyone that there is nothing outside.

"Maliea, this isn't a joke. I'm being serious, I just saw a huge herd on the road, we can't be too loud," Cameron looked really serious, but she's just a good actress. Before the world ended, we would always make these hilarious videos on her computer.

"Give it up, you jokester," This was getting out of hand, Cameron's got everyone scared to death right now. A 'huge herd' is not something you joke about.

"Stop Maliea. I am not joking, this isn't a drill, or a joke, or me trying to be funny. This is real. There is a huge herd outside and if we're too loud, we will all die. So shut up," Cameron sounded really convincing. She was never this good of an actress, but maybe I just underestimated her skills.

"HAHAHAHAHAAA! You look so serious right now, a big round of applause for Cameron Crosster!" Just then, Cameron tackled me to the ground, and put her hand over my mouth.

"If you don't shut up, I swear I wont hesitate to throw you out there for the walkers," She whispered in my ear.

I just lay there for a while, Cameron still has me pinned down with her hand over my mouth.

Nothing happens.

We wait a while for some thing to happen, a noise, a bump, a moan, any sign that a walker or hundreds of walkers are near.


After a while, Rick gets up and checks the peephole for anything that might put us in danger. He stood there for a while to check over everything. 

"It's clear," he said very calmly to us, "but we probably shouldn't be too loud in case they decide to come back."

Finally Cameron got off of me, I took a big breath and swore at her.

"Excuse me?" Cameron was appalled that I just said that, "I just saved all of our lives, the least you could do is thanks me!"

"Ha, like I would thank you for tackling me to the ground," I couldn't believe her. She used to be so much fun before the world ended.

"Guys?" Aliyah began, "please don't fight. No body knows how long any of us have anymore, we could all die tomorrow." Aliyah started to cry

I felt disgusted at myself. She's right. A nine year old just gave some really good advice. I realized how wrong I was and how disrespectful, rude, and just plain childish I'd been. I feel like crap now.

"You're right Aliyah, I'm sorry" I walked over and gave her a huge hug, then walked over to Cameron and gave her an even bigger hug, "I apologize for thinking you were lying about the herd."

"It's okay, I'm sorry for tackling you to the ground and for saying I'd throw you to the walkers. I think I'd have a hard time doing that because we've been friends for such a long time."

"Thanks, It's okay, I was kind of being a douchecanoe anyways." I had to speak what everyone was thinking.

"Thanks for the snooze fest guys, really, I know i enjoyed it," Sean always knew how to turn something mushy gushy into something comedic, "but it's almost dark, we should set up our beds and get to sleep soon."

I agree, I was so tired now that I think about it.

"Sounds good to me. Carl, you take Judith upstairs, change her diaper and get her ready for bed. I'll make her a bottle." Rick clearly has something against a baby's poop.

Carl looked disgusted but he agreed to take the baby upstairs and clean her butt.

We all laughed and got ready for bed as well.

It didn't take long for any of us to fall asleep, we were all out within 5 minutes.





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