Walking The Dead

Cameron has a rough life, even before the apocalypse. Her family is dead and she only has a few important people in her life now and she can't lose any more. She wants to survive and be happy but she knows she can't have both. When romance sparks, and her sister has an accident, Cameron doesn't think she wants to do it anymore. Can she survive everything that happens?


21. I'll try

*Sean's POV*

When I fist woke up in the morning my first thought was Cameron. I ran down the stairs and Rick was in the kitchen making some soup for breakfast.

"It's been almost two whole days since they left! We need to go out looking!" I screamed, "they could already be dead!"

"Calm down!" Rick said, "what are we going to do, search the whole town? Honestly, they probably got held up somewhere and will be back today."

He's right, but I don't care about Carl coming back. I just want Cameron to be safe. That sounds really bad, I know, but I like her a lot and I care a little too much about her safety. 

"Okay, but if they're not back by tonight, we're going out first thing in the morning to look for them," I exclaimed. I think I sounded a little too desperate to have them back. 

"Sure, but it's not like we'll have much luck at finding them in this whole town," does Rick just not care about his son?

"Fine," I can't believe him right now. 


*Carl's POV*

I wake up to the sound of creaking wooden floor and a loud *THUD* outside the room me and Cameron stayed in. I don't see her in the bed and I get worried. I grab my gun and slowly creep towards the door, opening it just a crack so that I can barely see out of it. I look down and sigh in relief. I looked up and saw Cameron with a bloody knife in her hand, she just took out a walker while I was sleeping.

"Holy crap Cameron, I thought you just died!" I ran over and picked her up in a huge bear hug and spun around. 

I put her down and she giggles, "I think I'd scream if I were about to die," 

We both laugh and have something to eat.

"Hmm, what would you like to eat, Miss?" I use my best British accent. 

"I don't know," she sees what I'm doing and speaks with a British accent as well, "surprise me!"

I walk towards her with my hand behind my back, "may I present to you," I go down on one knee and raise my hands above my head with a granola bar in them, "a Nature Valley granola bar, straight from the box."

She laughs, "oh how delightful, I'll definitely be telling my friends at the golf club about your wonderful service," she picks it up, opens it, and eats it with her pinky finger up.

I giggle and have a granola bar myself. 

Once we finish eating we pack up our bags and start to make our way back to camp. 

"I had a lot of fun with you Carl," Cameron breaks the silence.

"Well obviously," I joke flipping my hair in sarcasm.

She punches my shoulder and laughs, "I'm serious! We should do it again soon," She blushes.

"We will, don't worry. I'll make sure we do," I reach down and hold her hand. 

It's crazy how perfect our hands fit together. Just like two puzzle pieces.


After about 4 hours of walking we see the road that our camp is on. A few walkers fall out of the bushes. We walk forward confident that we were going to take them out, but a few more stumble out of the bushes. Then a few more, and a few more. By then they are spilling out of the woods ten at a time. 

We run behind a large tree that has fallen over in hopes that none of the walkers saw us. I stand at a crouch and peer over the tree at the walkers. A few notice us and start to make their way toward us. Most of them look over and join in. 

"We gotta get out of here!" I whisper in panic. I grab Cameron's hand and we run as fast as we can back down the road we came from.

"But the house is down that way," Cameron chokes out, she's already out of breath from running.

"I saw the name of the street, we'll just take a couple more right turns and see if the street comes up again," I keep a hold of her hand and keep running.

"We're going to have to stop running," She gasps for breath. 

"We can't risk that herd catching up to us right now. Please Cameron, we have to keep going," I lock my fingers with hers, look into her eyes, and she gives me a look that says 'I'll try'.

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