Walking The Dead

Cameron has a rough life, even before the apocalypse. Her family is dead and she only has a few important people in her life now and she can't lose any more. She wants to survive and be happy but she knows she can't have both. When romance sparks, and her sister has an accident, Cameron doesn't think she wants to do it anymore. Can she survive everything that happens?


17. I Like You, Too

*Sean's POV*

We finished digging a few trenches around the time that the sun went down. Honestly, digging trenches was the best part of my day because I got to spend it with Cameron. We didn't talk about much but just being with her is enough for me. I've realized what I did wrong and how stupid it was. Cameron really likes Carl and her being happy makes me happy, even if she's with him. I still don't like him, but I wont be rude to him anymore. 

It gets dark pretty fast which must mean fall is approaching. We quickly prepare dinner, a few cans of alphagetti's we found in the house, and ate. It wasn't a very quiet dinner, everyone was talking to each other. Today must have been a good day for everyone considering I see smiles, and hear happy murmurs all around. 

I turn towards Cameron, "So, how was digging all day for you?" I smiled. 

"It felt good in the moment, but I'll definitely feel it in the morning," She laughed. 

"I think we'll be digging tomorrow as well, so you'll have to work through the pain," I joked.

She turned to face Rick, "Rick?," he faced her, "are we digging tomorrow as well?"

"Depends on how we feel in the morning," he smiled and gestured towards his arms," I haven't worked that hard in a while."

"Neither have I," Cameron laughed, "I was just saying we'll definitely feel our arms in the morning," Everybody laughed and we continued eating. Once we finished, Risk got up to clean the table and plates,

"Can I help?" Cameron offered. I was confused as to why she wanted to help, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

"Of course, I could always use the help," Rick chuckled.


*Cameron's POV*

Rick and I went into the kitchen to wash the plates with water we got from the pond out back. 

"So, you and Carl, huh?" He smiled and nudged me.

Awkward, I didn't really want him to ask me about that. I wanted to wait a while to tell Rick about Carl and I. I bet I looked flustered, and blushy. 

"It's okay, he really likes you, a lot," I didn't know that he likes me that much. 

I looked down and smiled, "Really?" I can't believe this.

"Yup, he told me this afternoon when we were digging," Rick continued scrubbing the dishes. 

I had no idea. I just kept blushing. 

We finished cleaning  the dishes and I went to talk to Carl. 

"So, your dad just told me something interesting," I was still blushing, so I think he had somewhat of a clue.

"Oh no, did he tell you that I wet the bed until I was 6? Or about that time when I threw up on that police man? Or when I had explosive, um, I'm just going to let you tell me what he told you," He looked super embarrassed, but I thought it was kind of cute.

"Okay, well it wasn't anything like that," I giggled, "he only told me what you thought of me."

"Oh, uh, like what?" He blushed a lot.

"He told me that you really like me, and I believe he added 'a lot' onto the end of that," I smirked while he kept blushing. 

"Oh, yeah, well, maybe something like that may have slipped out while I was digging," his cheeks were so pink now, I should stop embarrassing him like this.

"Is that true, or were you lying?" Or not.

"Um, maybe," he ran his fingers through his hair, "okay yes, I like you Cameron, uh, a lot," He actually admitted it. I never expected this. 

"That's good," I walked over and kissed his pink cheek, "because I like you a lot too."

We all got ready for bed, and I went into Carl's room to talk for a bit. We ended up talking for the whole night. I'm pretty glad Rick told me that Carl likes me a lot. 

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