Walking The Dead

Cameron has a rough life, even before the apocalypse. Her family is dead and she only has a few important people in her life now and she can't lose any more. She wants to survive and be happy but she knows she can't have both. When romance sparks, and her sister has an accident, Cameron doesn't think she wants to do it anymore. Can she survive everything that happens?


2. Can't be happening

I wanted to go out after them, but Aliyah's 9 years old. I couldn't have my last family member die and it be my fault. The same time as I was thinking about it I heard a noise at the door. I slowly walked towards the noise with my gun in my hand and Aliyah hiding behind the couch, ready to run. I looked through the peephole to find what looked like two blood covered walkers. I kept looking for a bit to see if they'd leave. They looked at each other and then started talking to the peephole.

It was Sean and Maliea!

I quickly unlocked and opened the door to let them in.

"Where's Quinn!?" I was in a panick, but I knew that he didn't make it.

"He-he", Maliea was fear stricken and started to cry, "he died! The walkers grabbed him and started to tear away at him before we could grab our guns".

"We couldn't do anything about it", Sean whimpered.

"Are either of you guys bitten or scratched?" I was in a hurry to ask because I knew what had to happen if they were.

"No, we're fine", Maliea cried.

I got them cleaned up with the help of the river that ran by the house. They brought back enough supplies to get us through the month. We would've had more, but Quinn had a full bag when he went down.

We ate in silence because no one knew what to say about everything that had happened.

When it was getting dark we double-checked to make sure that the house was secure, made our beds, and went to sleep.

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