Walking The Dead

Cameron has a rough life, even before the apocalypse. Her family is dead and she only has a few important people in her life now and she can't lose any more. She wants to survive and be happy but she knows she can't have both. When romance sparks, and her sister has an accident, Cameron doesn't think she wants to do it anymore. Can she survive everything that happens?


9. A Plan

*Carl's POV*

I got up pretty early. I didn't wake anyone up thankfully, I just needed some time alone to think over everything that happened yesterday. Maybe it would be best if me, my dad, and Judith should leave the group.

I packed up my bags and brought them to the front door, just to make sure that if I did want to leave that I could do it with ease. 

I went quietly out the front door to sit and think. I noticed that the sun was just rising. It was so beautiful. It kind of made me think of Cameron. She was honestly really beautiful. Her hair just goes wherever and since the world ended makeup wasn't really a priority but she didn't need it. I sort of wanted to rethink whether we should still leave the group. I would have to talk with my dad first, because he'll decide if we actually leave. I wouldn't be allowed to make any decision even if I wanted to.

I heard foot steps, then the door. I grabbed a hold of my gun, just in case.

It was Cameron.

"Good morning, I heard you leave. I got worried," She sounded cute with a raspy morning voice.

"I wouldn't leave, I like it here," I really didn't want to leave now that I had a chance to be alone with Cameron, "I mean, I was thinking about it, but I decided I want to stay."

"Why were you thinking about it? Don't you like being with my group?" She had a worried/sad look on her face.

"I just didn't know what to do, I was tired and I hadn't gotten to know your group," I lied, I didn't want to tell her that I don't want to be around someone as rude as Sean.

"Well, have you gotten to know us now?" She smiled and moved an inch closer to me. I wanted to ask her what she sees in Sean, but I don't know if we know each other enough for that.

"Well, I barely know anyone's story. Like, how did you find everyone in your group? How did you get here? What do you see in Sean? What are you going to do if this house gets overrun?" I stopped there. I wasn't one hundred percent sure I wanted to ask what she sees in him. But it's done now, I just don't know how she'll react.

"Alright I'll answer your questions," she smirked like this was some game, "but you'll have to answer mine."

"I'll take that challenge," I smirked back at her, I liked where this was going.

"So, I found everyone in my group like this. Sean and I were in the same school, we found each other on the road and just decided to stay together to be a bigger group and have a better chance of survival. I've been with Aliyah since she was born. I saved Maliea's life in the forest, she was so close to death I thought she was a walker at first but she whimpered 'help' and I knew she wasn'ta walker," She stopped to take a breath then kept going, "We found this place because we just wanted to find someplace safe to camp for a night and decided we liked it and we wanted to stay here as long as we could," She stopped and realized what the next question was. 

I was pretty quiet before she said anything.

"What do you mean by what do I see in Sean?" I don't think she's really up to answer this question, and I don't really want to say it again...

"Uhh, I, um, I meant, well, you see," I have no idea where I was going with this. I didn't know if I just come clean and ask what I meant in the first place, "Well, okay, you're turn. Ask me something," Thank god I figured out how to change the subject.

"Okay, What did you mean by that? Can you answer that for me?" She smirked again. She was good at this game...

I just decided to come clean and explain what I meant, even if it was totally creepy.

"Well, what I meant was I--," I stopped. Someone came out the door, Sean.


*Sean's POV*

I woke up and Cameron's not in her bed. I quietly creeped up the stairs to Carl's room, he's not there either. I searched everywhere for them, but nothing. I heard voices outside and I just knew.

What if they were about to kiss or something, nope, I didn't want to think about that. I turned the handle and walked out the doorway.

"Ahh, good morning you two. Beautiful isn't it?" I basically yelled at them, waving my arms at the sky and the trees and everything. They both turned around, annoyed, looking like I'd just interrupted something, "oh am I interrupting? How rude of me," I love being sarcastic. I began to walk back inside very slowly.

"No, we were just getting to know each other," She didn't even look at me when she said that. Am I even here right now or are they in their own little world. Whatever.

"Yeah, you can sit down if you like," Carl gestured toward another chair with a smile. Ugh. I really don't like him, can't he see that? Why can't we just have a mutual hate?

"I will, thank you Carl, you're so sweet," I took a seat right in between him and Cameron to stop any unnecessary PDA. (public displays of affection)

Cameron looked genuinely pissed off at me, but I'll take that over her being in love with Carl. I really want Carl to take his stuff and his family and leave, and I just figured out how to make that happen.

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