I'll love you for 1,000 years.

I mean things happen for reasons. But even when we know that, we still ask "why"? Maybe the reasons for my life story are lost, and I just need to find them. Or maybe they just don't want to be found.


1. The Beginning

Life is just a long journey. But I believe I'm going practically nowhere. I mean what is life without the things you love? It's nothing. Well, my life is nothing. What I love is gone, and can't be replaced.

Look at him. C'mon, Rey. Look at him already! "Ugh I can't concentrate!" I loudly shouted. Everybody looked up, taking there eyes off their test, including him. "Sorry, I didn't mean to say that out loud." I said softly with embarrassment filling my cheeks. Everyone chuckled and looked back down at their tests, except for me. My eyes were glued on him. He must think I'm a huge fail!

Nicholas Foray, is his name. Most people call him Nike. Yes, like the shoe brand. I've liked him for as long as I could remember. I rarely ever talk to him and when I do I don't think, at all. I've tried talking to him all year, it never happened. It's the last day of school, and I blew it.

*Three days after the last day of school*

Zzzz......zzzzz.....zzzzzz. I heard my phone vibrate. My eyes widened. No one ever texts me. All my friends know to call me, not text me. I picked my phone up off of my bed. It was a number I didn't know.

"Hey :)"

"Umm who is this?"

"It's Nicholas, sorry you probably thought I was some creep!"

"Oh hey Nike! And no it's fine."

"So I heard that you have a little crush on me.

"Maybe. ;)"

"It's cool I've like you for like ever, I just never wanted to admit it."

"What? That's crazy lol!"

"Yeah lol, so I was wondering if you wanna go out?"

"Well I kinda prefer it in person :/"

"Oh well I guess we'll just have to wait until summers over."

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