I'll love you for 1,000 years.

I mean things happen for reasons. But even when we know that, we still ask "why"? Maybe the reasons for my life story are lost, and I just need to find them. Or maybe they just don't want to be found.


2. A Shot to My Heart

* 1 month until school starts*

Me and Nike texted all summer it's been the best summer ever!

I went to visit my dad in New York for a couple days so I don't go back to Florida until Friday, and it's Tuesday. "Hey dad?" I hesitated. "Yeah what's up?" He said casually. "Umm there's this boy I like and he likes me back."

"What?! Rey, what did I tell you? No boys until your out of collage. You can't throw away your education for boys." He said with a stern voice.

"Dad, he's not just a boy, I've liked him like forever."

"Why are you just now telling me this,Rey?" "Sorry, let's just forget about this talk."

Zzzz....zzzz...zzzz. I picked up my phone.

It was my best friend Arizona, I call her Ari, she's been my best friend since 6th grade when I moved to her school as "the new kid".


"What's wrong."


"What about him??"

"He was in car accident!"


"He's in the hospital, its on the news and everything. He only has a 2% chance of living!"

I put down my phone and stared at it. I breathed heavily, not believing what Ari just told me. I have to go back home, tomorrow. I told my dad everything that happened. Even though he wasn't to happy about me liking Nike, he still respected my love for him. I was going to go back to see Nike anyways no matter what he said.

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