Beyond the Forbidden Bushes

Alicia Steffen just turned 17, which in her parents kingdom, the legal age to marry. She goes on a blind date with a boy she never met. Then out of the blue, her parents wanted her to marry him. She runs away in fear of her parents. She goes to the only place she knows they will never go, beyond the Forbidden Bushes. She meets many strange people and learns secrets of her loved ones. She goes all her way, to save the world from the one person she trusted, but for being such a young girl, she can't do it alone.


1. The Day she comes home


I open my eyes. The sunlight slowly makes it way to my feet. Today is the day! I jump off my bed and run to my calendar. July 9!

I hurry and change into my clothes and I grab my cloak. I head down the stairs and dash out of the door. The uneven steps wasn’t a problem today. I jump off the steps and start running down the path. “ Excuse me!” “Sorry, sir” “ Mad’am that is a amazing dress” I take a sharp left, I crash into Larry’s store door. His door isn’t a normal door. It is a garage door type. I start banging my hands against the door. “ LARRY! LARRY! Open up!” I scream, pounding against the door.

The door starts to open. I see Larry standing there. “ You do know there is other ways to the dock.” he says. I glare at him. “ Yes but you have a short cut. Besides, you want to greet Clara as she comes home from camp too. Oh we planned a great dinner!” I babble on.

“ Okay, Okay I get it. You don’t want to say Hi, you want to use my store as a passage to the docks.” he snickers. I stand there and think for a minute then answer. “ Why yes. Now may I go?” I ask very nicely. Larry hands me the key. “ Go!” I jump up and down. “ Why thank you Larry! Now come on!” I grab his hand. “ Wait, I can’t leave the store unintended!” Larry yells as I unlock the door and pull him with me. “ This is more important than your store!” I yell. The docks was full today. I wasn’t surprised. Every family was there, waiting for their kids to come home from camp. I just pushed through everyone. I finally reached the end of the docks. I saw the boat. I wave. I let go of Larry’s hand and wave with both hands. As the boat drew closer I stood there screaming my head off. The boat finally reached and as girls came off. Finally Clara came off. “ Clara!” I scream. I run toward her. I jump on her. “ Hey Alicia!” she says as he weak arms struggle to hold me. “ and Larry.” she blushes. As I jump off her. They were staring into each others eyes. “ I am going to leave now.” I say.I run back to Larry’s store. Testing to see if he really rather stare into Clara’s eyes than run his store. “ Larry! Your store is all alone!” I yell

“That’s all right!” he yells back. I laugh and run through the door. I was good,I was happy, nothing could ruin my day. Right as I think that, I crash into my mother. “ Oh there you are sweetie. Is Clara back yet?”

“Yes mother, she is back.” I say sweetly.

“ Gazing into Larry’s eyes!” I snicker. She gives me a look to where I stop and give her a straight face. “ Go change into your pink dress. I need you dressed nicely for dinner.” my mother says. “ Yes Ma’am.” I bow and walk past her. I turn my head and watch her. When she disappears into Larry’s store, I start to run. I run through the people without even saying sorry, they probably thought of me as a trouble maker, which was true but who can they judge. I am the princess.

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