Beyond the Forbidden Bushes

Alicia Steffen just turned 17, which in her parents kingdom, the legal age to marry. She goes on a blind date with a boy she never met. Then out of the blue, her parents wanted her to marry him. She runs away in fear of her parents. She goes to the only place she knows they will never go, beyond the Forbidden Bushes. She meets many strange people and learns secrets of her loved ones. She goes all her way, to save the world from the one person she trusted, but for being such a young girl, she can't do it alone.


2. Marriage is not my first choice, mom


I get dressed and run down the stairs. There, the dinner is set. I look for mother, and father, and Clara. But they are not there. Dinner is clearly set on the table, I was called down. I open the door and see my parents sitting on the chairs, on our porch. “ Mother? Father? Why is nobody at dinner? Where is Clara?” I ask. My mother lifts her head from her knitting. “ Clara is out with Larry.” Out with Larry? We planned a dinner for her. “ But, we planned a dinner for her.” I say confusingly. “ Bit change of plans. We now planned it for you and your date.”  Date? What date. Not one boy ever caught my attention. Well maybe that boy who lived in that cute little cottage, but he got killed for stealing fish. “ Date?”

My mother stands up, pointing to a boy and his mother walking this way. “ Here he is.” she walks down the steps and greets the boy and his mother. “ This is Martin and his mother Mary.” my mother says. He looked ugly, with his big nose and sewer green eyes. “ Oh, nice to meet you. I am Alicia.”

This is going to be a long night.



Dinner went as planned. We talk, we eat. we talk. Everything went fine. But clearly the universe wanted to prove me wrong.

My mother stands up. “ So when is the wedding?” I thought she was joking. So I laughed, so did the boy. My mothers face changed so quickly, I knew it, I just knew my parents would do this, but I didn’t think so soon. “ Mother! NO!” I scream as I push my chair out. “ Sweetie, you are old enough, you are very sweet too.” I got angry. I didn’t want to get married. “ IS THIS SWEET AND NICE!” I scream. I grab my mashed potatoes and dump the bowl down Martin’s shirt. My mother shrieks and so does Martin’s mom. I storm out of the room. My mother calls after me. But I didn’t care, she may have been married at 15 but not me, I won’t get married, not now. Not ever. I storm out the door. There my father sat. His face looked bored. He must have not been very happy about me getting married. “ Father!” I yell. His head lifts from his newspaper. “ No, you can’t get married!” he shouts. “ I don’t want to! I JUST MET THE BOY!” I yell. His face lights up. “ Sweetie!” my mother calls. “ I was never here!” I yell to my father as I jump off the porch and start running. I ran to the village and hid behind some hay. I heard my mother sending out guards to find me. Somebody taps my back. “ Ahh!” I scream as I turn around. There stands Larry. “ Oh it’s just you.” I say relieved. “ Why are the guards looking for you?” he asks. I told him the whole story. “ Please help me. I need to make it somewhere safe so the guards can’t find me.” Larry nods. Just as he was going to say something. A guard appears. “ Have you seen...” he sees me. “ HEY SHE IS OVER HERE!” he yelps. I push him back and yell “ RUN!” to Larry. We ran through all the people and into his store. I dash behind a few garbage cans near the top right of his store. Three guards run in. “ Have you seen the princess?” they ask in their deep voices. Larry always had the sass but I didn’t think he would use it on a guard. “ Which one?” he asks. You could see the anger growing on the face of the guard. “The small one!” he yells. I saw Larry smile. “She went toward the village.” The guards bow and turn. “ Go, go , go!” the guards yell as they point toward the village. “ Joe, you stay and watch for the girl.” the leader says as he run behind the others. I wait til they reach the far end of the village and then I run. I clatter through the trash cans and through the door to the docks. I heard the guard yell for the others but they were too far. So he went after me himself. I push through the people. I reached the end of the docks. I had nowhere else to go. I could hear the guard asking if they saw me. I was thinking of jumping in. I put my foot to the very edge. My foot slipped and crashed down into the water. My head went under. I felt a hand grab mine. I figured it was the guard so I let go. But they held their grasp and pulled me out. I felt the cold air touch my wet skin. I coughed out the water in my throat. “ What were you thinking?” said the familiar voice yelled. I looked up to see Clara. She helped me up. I looked behind her to see the guard pushing people around. “ Come on!” I yell as I pull her through the people. I went into the alleys. I told her everything, starting from dinner. I knew she cared. Her facial expressions changed from happy, to scared to angry to sympathetic. She told me she would help me escape. She offered Larry’s house but they would soon find me there. Then it came to my head. “ The Bushes!” I yell. “ No, no no!” she said. I knew the problem of the bushes but nobody would come past it.

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