Be There Til The End

Sequel to My Rock. A better blurb coming soon


4. The Redhead

The feeling that it would be a good day suddenly faded. After Gemma left, I felt alone again. I was scared. I wanted Louis. I needed him to tell me that things would be okay. That things would be better here. I had to call him. I need to hear his voice. 


"Hey Haz, everything okay?" 

"I don’t know. I don’t like this place. It brings back too many bad memories. I was hoping this place would be different but everything seems the same. The people, the teachers lurking the halls. It all feels the same. I want to come home Lou.”

 "Love, listen to me. It will be okay.“ 

"Promise, baby?" 

"I promise Haz. Now go before you are late to class." 

"But Lou–" 

"Haz, I promise you everything will be fine. Remember no one knows you or your past. You can start a new life there. Make a new image for yourself love." 

"I guess, Lou. I’m just worried." 

"Look Haz I have to go. Call me when you go to lunch okay babe?”

 Before I responded Louis hung up. I don’t know why but my mind started racing. Why had Louis hung up so quickly. Had he found someone else? Was he bored with me? The more I thought about things the more I began to shake. 

But something caught my attention. 

 I heard it again, a shrill, no a scream. Not just any scream but a terrified scream. I turned to see what it was. It was a redheaded boy curled up in the corner. Three large guys where surrounding him. I knew this sight all too well. They were beating the shit out of him. I knew what to do but I was froze. I froze as the flashbacks started. 

 "Move it" 

“Huh what?" 

"Did I stutter? I said move it!" 

"Oh sorry" 

I don’t know how long I was in my flashback about another incident with Zack beating the daylights out of me, but when I was rudely told to move my the blonde prick, I saw him. 

The redhead was now slumped against the wall with blood pouring out of his nose. 

"Hey mate. You okay?" 

The boy wouldn’t look up at me. Instead he curled back into a ball and tensed up. A sight I was familiar with. I felt for him. I know exactly what he was going through. I knew his fear all too well. I was in his position not even a year ago. 

"I’m not gonna hurt you mate.” I calmly said as I reached a hand out to help him. He tensed up again. “I promise mate I won’t hurt you. I just want to help you. Can I least get you to the toilets to get you cleaned up?” The redhead nodded and reached out and grabbed my hand to help him up. 

“I’m Harry, by the way.”

“Ed,” he muttered behind a bloody lip.

“Nice to meet you, Ed. Now let’s go get you cleaned up.” 

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