Be There Til The End

Sequel to My Rock. A better blurb coming soon


3. The Meeting

Harry's POV

God I really didnt want to go through this again, but if I wanted to make a difference in someone's life like Louis did mine, then I would have to. I stood back a second before I knocked on the door. "You can do this. You can make it through this day."

"Come in" said a deep voice from behind the closed door.

I dont know what was different about this encounter but something was. I dont know if it was the deep voice instead of the soft sweet voice that I had gotten used to or what. But something made my stomach drop. I didnt want to turn the door knob to enter what I felt to be a cold atmosphere. I closed my eyes and stood there frozen yet again. Seconds later I felt a warm hand and a gentle touch on my shoulder. I looked behind me to see the warm and contagious smile of Gemma Styles. I looked at her and I knew everything would be ok.

Once I walked into the office things felt different, things felt calm. The deep voice that orginally said my come in was no longer scary, it was warm and inviting. I took a good long look at the man sitting in front of me. His jet black hair, his black scruffy beard, his amber eyes gave me a new since of comfort. I can see how at first glance that he would look intimidating but his amber eyes showed a tender soul. I took a quick glance  around the room before sitting down in the chair in front of his desk. 

"Ah, Mr. Styles, have a seat." The voice took me by surprise. I was almost in a daze admiring all the diplomas and awards on the wall.

"Thank you, I know you are busy so I wont try to keep you long. I know that today is my first day here at this college but I wanted to ask about a program and if the program wasnt here then I would like to start one."

"No need to rush Mr. Styles. I have heard a lot about you from a good friend of mine. You know Ms. Teasdale right?

"Yes sir. She is really the reason I am here today. She is the reason behind this program I want to start here. You see sir, when I was the college where Ms. Teasdale is, she started a program called Big Brother. It is where she groups together an underclassmen with an upperclassmen to mentor and help each other. You see sir, I was severely bullied all throughout my life from classmates and even people as close to me as my mother. I had several suicide attempts before Ms. Teasdale paired me with my boyfriend Louis. You see sir, Louis saved me, he saved my life. He has given me a new outlook on life sir and I would like to do that for others. So sir, please give this program some thought. Please sir, I really do want to help others out."

"Woah, Woah slow down boy it is ok. I have talked to Ms. Teasdale before you came here. She has already told me all about the program and I am on board. There is  nothing to think about Harry. I think the program would do wonders here in our school. I just need someone to lead me in the right direction. Would you be willing to do that Harry? Would you be willing to help me?"

My eyes had gotten all wide. I was so excited. "Yes sir, yes sir I will." 

"Good now how about lets meet this time next week to talk about getting things started"

I nodded as I practically jumped out of my seat. "See you next week sir"

"You can call me Mr. Winston if you like Harry, or Ben whatever suits you. I kinda prefer that better than sir."

I flashed him a smile as I walked out the room. I had a feeling that today was gonna be a good day.

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