Be There Til The End

Sequel to My Rock. A better blurb coming soon


2. Flashback

Harry's POV

I would be lying if I said I wasnt terrified to be going back to school. I mean look at my last experience. I was bullied and beaten severely.  I mean every school has a Zack. What if I have the same experience? What if I end up in the hospital again?

"Haz? Hazza? Harry?"

I shook my head. Hearing Gemma call my name brought me from my trance.

"You ok?"

"Yeah Gem I'm fine." I couldnt help but lie. I was frozen. It was like someone cemented my feet to the ground.  


   Harry was completely taken back when he looked up from the kiss and saw Zack standing there, his back against the opposite wall just staring at the newly formed couple with a snarky smirk across his face.  Harry bit his lip and backed away from Louis with worry in his eyes. He didn’t know what but he sensed that Zack was up to something.

                “What’s wrong love?” Louis asked as Harry pulled away.

                “Nothing” Harry hesitated “Need to go to class.”

                Louis grabbed Harry’s hands. “Love whatever it is you can tell me.”

                “It’s nothing” Harry lied.

                Zack took this opportunity to make his way between Louis and Harry breaking their hands about and muttering “fags” under his breath.

                Louis grabbed Zack’s shoulder and whipped him around. “Was that necessary mate?”

                “Oh, I’m sorry, I tend to not see fairies” Zack snapped back before walking into the building.

                Harry sighed and looked down. He didn’t want to admit it but it hurt him so much to see Louis being talked to how he is normally talked too. “I need to get to math, see you at lunch?”

                “Of course, meet me at the table by the trophy case.”

                Harry nodded and walked away, placing a small peck on Louis’s cheek. When he got to his Math class, Zack was already waiting on him.

                “So, you and Tommofairy are a thing now?” Zack asked.

                “His name is Louis and yeah I guess” Harry answered as he pushed past Zack and sat down.

                Zack followed behind him, hitting Harry in the back of the head as he made his way to his seat.

                Harry put his head on his desk and just tried to get through the next three classes. He couldn’t wait to see Louis again.

Gemma could tell something was wrong. She didnt know what. She tried shaking me to get me out of this trance but the flashbacks just kept coming.


                “Oh the pretty boy has a lunch date with the other fairy doesn’t he?” Zack snarled.

                “Please just let me be Zack” Harry responded as he tried to push pass Zack and his friends. But he failed. Zack grabbed Harry, knocking his tray out of his hand and punching him hard in the stomach. Harry crumbled to the ground. Zack and his friends all took turns kicking Harry as hard as they could. Harry groaned and winced in pain at each kick and blow.

                “We don’t need or want fags in our school” Zack laughed as he kicked Harry in the head as hard as he could.

                That was the last thing Harry remembered before he lost consciousness.


I must of blacked out from fear. When I snapped out of the trance like state I was in, I was lying on a cot in a hallway with Gemma sitting on the floor next to me.

"Hey, you ok?"

"Yeah, a little dizzy. What happened?"

"You passed out Harry. You scared me. We were about to walk in the doors and you stopped and went white as a ghost. I was lucky enough to catch you before you hit the ground."

"Im sorry Gem. I didnt mean to."

"I know Haz. But hey lets get you up and stable on your feet. You have an appointment with the counselor first thing remember?"


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