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After Elsa's death, Jack has been falling apart. Although he seems quite content as a guardian, his feelings for her still hold him back from true happiness. In this fanfic, Jack's problems will be solved, but it won't be an easy road. A dark force that has haunted Elsa's family for hundreds of years lurks in his way.

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2. Chapter Two

"Jack!" The voice said again, and Jack stood up and peered through the snow swirling around the roof.

"You..." Jack couldn't bring himself to say her name.

This couldn't be happening.

But then, suddenly, there she stood, but she looked very different.

Her hair was longer and in a braid down her back, and she wore a large icy blue sweater over a pair of dark jeans, and on her feet were silver moccasins.

She'd modernized herself, just like Jack had.

He ran to her and enveloped her in a hug.

"E-Elsa..." He allowed himself to form the word out loud, which he hadn't done in years.

"Is it really you?" He asked, undoing her braid and running his fingers through her hair, carefully stroking her cheeks, kissing her face.

She felt like she was right there, but it couldn't possibly be true.

She laughed and swept her hair out of her face.

"I'm here, Jack, I'm here." She kept repeating, returning his kisses.

"How did you get here? Where have you been?" Jack drowned her in questions and she laughed, grabbing his face in her hands.

"Slow down! Let me answer, one at a time." She said, and he waited impatiently for her to explain.

"After you left, I kept talking to the Moon every night, asking to be immortal. And then one night, after I'd finished asking, I got into bed and was reading through our letters, just like every night. But then I heard a voice. But it wasn't really like a voice... I can't quite explain it. It was like I was being spoken to, but I wasn't hearing it in my ears, like something was telling me something in my head.." Elsa attempted to describe the situation to Jack, but he just nodded his head knowingly.

Obviously he understood her rambling.

 "And told me something. It said my name was Elsa, and I thought, you know, I already know that. It was a rather soothing sound in my head, saying my name quietly over and over. I guess...I think I drifted off to sleep. The next thing I knew, I was in a completely different place. I didn't recognize anything or anyone. And I heard the voice one more time: 'You are Elsa, the Snow Queen'. And slowly it faded away..." Elsa finished, and Jack was smiling wide.

"Of course! That's the Moon! It all makes sense now... My earthly self had to die before I could become immortal, and so did yours." He exclaimed, putting the pieces together.

He looked up at Elsa, but instead of a smile, a puzzled expression was plastered on her face.

"What do you mean... 'my earthly self had to die'?" She asked, a twinge of worry starting to become apparent.

"You mean you don't know?" He asked cautiously, and she shook her head.

"Well, the mortal Elsa...she, um, passed away. Oh, but don't worry! I'm sure Anna made a great queen. She was sad the first day, but-" Jack started, but Elsa cut him off.

"Who's Anna?" She asked worriedly, her face becoming more and more perplexed.

"Elsa...Anna's your you remember anything before that night?" Jack asked, bringing a hand to her head.

"Of course I do! I remember us." She said, smiling and grasping Jack's hand.

"Anything else?" He asked, still not convinced, but Elsa just laughed.

"Jack, seriously. Of course I remember my life! I...well, I...." Suddenly Elsa's smile faded and a frightened look crossed her face.

", I don't remember..." she started to panic, grabbing both Jack's hands tightly.

"Jack. Jack, I don't remember! Oh, my gosh, Jack, what's going on?!" She rambled on, but just as Jack opened his mouth to say something, he heard North clear his throat.

"Excuse me, Frost, but who are you talking to?" He said, and Jack was startled.

He'd forgotten he was there!

"Oh, North! This is Elsa! She's here!" Jack said ecstatically.

North looked confused, and then just shook his head.

"I think we'd better go, seems all these thoughts of Elsa are getting to you." He said, reaching for Jack's arm to pull him away.

"No, no. North, look! She's right here, it's Elsa!" Jack kept talking, trying to get North to look.

"Jack! There's nobody there!" North yelled, gripping Jack's arm a little tighter.


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-Next Chapter 27th of Feb-

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