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After Elsa's death, Jack has been falling apart. Although he seems quite content as a guardian, his feelings for her still hold him back from true happiness. In this fanfic, Jack's problems will be solved, but it won't be an easy road. A dark force that has haunted Elsa's family for hundreds of years lurks in his way.

Credits to Slipping_Away_Jelsa on Instagram :)

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6. Chapter Six

Jack sat up quickly, breathing heavily.

"What happened?" He asked as his eyes fluttered open to the sight of North and Tooth staring at him.

"I watched the memories of the girl..." Tooth quietly said.

She clearly felt guilty for keeping them from him.

North looked guilty as well.

"Memories?" Jack muttered, and then he remembered.

He was up in an instant.

"Elsa! Oh no, I have to save her! You saw what happened to her, didn't you?" Jack asked Tooth frantically, and she nodded.

"Yes. But I'm afraid there isn't much we can do right away. This enemy, he's-" she began, but Jack cut her off.

"Who is it? Pitch?" He asked, readying his staff to attack anything at any moment.

"No, no, Pitch is gone. This's so much stronger. We're not prepared for this kind of combat." She said, attempting to calm Jack back down.

"But we will go after it. Won't we? We have to save Elsa." He said, looking desperately from Tooth to North.

They also glanced nervously at each other, and North cleared his throat.

"Of course. Whatever it takes." He said, reassuringly.

"Now, if you'll excuse us. I think you should, go work on your skills. Find out what more your powers can do. This battle will be more than snow balls and fun times." Tooth said, ushering Jack out of North's office, where they had brought him after he was rendered unconscious from Elsa's memories.

After the door was shut Jack stayed to listen in on their conversation.

"Why would you do that?" Tooth whispered angrily to North.

"Do what?" North asked, and Jack could hear him rearranging the knick-knacks on his desk.

"Give him false hope! You know there's nothing we can do!" Tooth shouted and pounded her fists on the desk for emphasis. 

 North cleared his throat again and began to speak.

"Jack's unstable right now. We need to ease into this carefully. I'd hate to see his heart break all over again." Just then, the two heard a thump outside the door, and when they opened it, Jack lay unconscious on the floor.


Elsa attempted to think happy thoughts.

Over and over she forced her mind to say Jack, but all she heard was Anna.

Anna, over and over again, continuously.

It never seemed to stop.

Suddenly, her own name began to echo around the room, but this was a different voice.

Elsa, it spoke.

She listened carefully, and slowly the voice began to make sense.

"Jack!" She called, and she was surprised her voice was actually audible.

"Elsa!" He replied.

She quickly stood up and began to run.

She outstretched her arms and tried to touch something, but in the darkness, there was nothing.

"Elsa!" Jack said again, and she attempted to follow his voice, but it sounded to be coming from no particular direction.

"Where are you, Jack? I'll find you!" She called out, and she could hear her voice all around her.

"I'm here! Elsa, over here.." Jack called back, but his voice was slowly fading.

"Where?" Elsa called, and she found that her voice was fading also.

Suddenly, a deep, evil chuckle broke through the silence.

"Aw, two desperate love birds. It's quite a shame my infinite darkness is impossible to navigate, and nearly impossible to escape." A voice said.

Elsa tried to scream for Jack, but no sound escaped her lips.

"Well, everyone knows happy endings get boring anyway." The voice announced, and the horrid chuckle sounded again.

Elsa brought her hands to her throat as she felt all her breath leave her.

Jack was once again gasping for air, sprawled on the ground outside North's office.

"Jack, WHAT is happening?" Tooth asked, bending down to see that he was alright.

"He...he said the darkness was nearly impossible to escape." Jack said, verbalizing his thoughts.

"...nearly." He looked around the room and smiled.

"That means it's possible."


 I am a thoroughly horrible person.

I am so sorry.

This was supposed to be up on the 18th and it is no longer the 18th.

I really feel so bad. I hope this was ok though.

  I missed you guys.

Just so you know I DO LOVE YOU

~ Slipping_away_Jelsa @Instagram.


This is not me. 

Please remember this is NOT my story.

This is from ANOTHER girl @Instagram.

Thank you.

TheRebellionBacon - What she calls me ^-^


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