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After Elsa's death, Jack has been falling apart. Although he seems quite content as a guardian, his feelings for her still hold him back from true happiness. In this fanfic, Jack's problems will be solved, but it won't be an easy road. A dark force that has haunted Elsa's family for hundreds of years lurks in his way.

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7. Chapter Seven

"I need to go back to sleep, or something, I don't know, I need to pass out again." Jack said, rambling frantically.

"No, Jack, what you need to do is stay conscious." Tooth said, looking at him strangely and helping him to his feet.

"I heard her voice. I heard Elsa. She's there and I.." Jack grabbed his head in frustration and tears began to stream down his face.

"I was so close to her. I need her, you don't understand. I can't live without her, I can't be sane without her." He cried, pacing back and forth.

"I can see that.." North muttered, and Tooth smacked him on the arm.

"Elsa.." Jack said again, closing his eyes.  

Elsa pushed through the busy streets, watching as people looked right through her.

She didn't know where she was going by any means, but she didn't care either.

The only thoughts in her mind was where Jack was and how she could find him.

Every memory she'd ever had with him ran through her brain.

She remembered the feeling of his sweater in her fist, and his lips against hers.

The smell of his neck as she laid her head on his shoulder.

Their fingers intertwined, his soft, warm breath on her forehead.

The shivers she got whenever he spoke her name.

The feeling in the pit of her stomach whenever she looked into his eyes.

All she ever wanted to do was be near him.

She wanted to wrap her arms around him and experience all of those things over and over again.

But she had no idea how to get to him.  

"Finding her isn't the problem. We know where she is." North said in an attempt to calm Jack's nerves, but everything he said seemed to make it worse.

"Well then why aren't we there? Why isn't she with me yet?" Jack frustratedly exclaimed.

"Because I have a feeling this dark force that's after you two wouldn't be happy if we went and snatched her up." North said, and Jack stood up again, although Tooth kept trying to get him to sit down.

"Do I look like I care if he's happy?!" He snarled.

North shook his head.

"No, I know you don't, Jack." He looked out at the dark sky and let out a yawn.

"Why don't we all stop asking questions and just get some relaxing in before we make any ridiculous attack plans?"  He had tried to relax, he really had, but he couldn't.

Not with Elsa on his mind like this.

He couldn't stop thinking of how beautiful she had looked on that rooftop that night, how good it had felt to have her in front of him again.

He knew deep inside that he wanted to blame North for not believing in her, but he really only blamed himself for not savoring his time.

He should have held her tighter, should have kissed her longer, and should have spoken slower.

Tears came to his eyes every time he thought of how much he loved her.

She was everything to him and he needed her back.

Quietly, Jack made his way into North's now empty office.

He could barely see what was right in front of him, but he quickly found the desk when he ran into it.

Slowly and carefully, he turned on the desk light, and a smile grew on his face.

North had scribbled Elsa's location on a piece of note paper, probably knowing he'd forget it and have to go back and look again.

Jack snatched up the paper and flew out the window.

He didn't care what North and Tooth said, he was getting Elsa back.  

The next morning, North's desk top was clear and the light had been left on.

"He fell for it.."


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