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After Elsa's death, Jack has been falling apart. Although he seems quite content as a guardian, his feelings for her still hold him back from true happiness. In this fanfic, Jack's problems will be solved, but it won't be an easy road. A dark force that has haunted Elsa's family for hundreds of years lurks in his way.

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1. Chapter One

Jack Frost watched the sun rise, and immediately he rolled up his sleeves.

"Today is the day..." He whispered to himself.

It was the day he had set to meet Elsa once again.

But now she was gone.

Everything had been for nothing.

Still, every morning he looked at the date inscribed in his forearm and thought of her.

He'd never told anyone about her because he had found his purpose, and was determined to live his new life and not be bothered by his past.

He was meant to be a guardian now.

Still, the date on his arm intrigued him day after day.

Jack knew it would be rough today, as all his memories with Elsa were flooding back.

As much as he hated to admit it, there was someone he needed to talk to.

A wise man who would be able to help him out with his feelings today.

Jack needed to talk to Santa Claus. 

"Hey, ol' Saint Nick. How's your day going?" He said, easing into North's office with a smile a little too wide.

"What do you want, Jack?" North replied bluntly, recognizing Jack's overly-friendly act.

"I need to talk to you about something." He said, his smile immediately fading.

"Ah, a little life advice, is that what you need?" North said, folding his arms and towering above Jack.

"It's...there's this girl..." Jack started, and North sat down and crossed his legs, clearly expecting quite a story.

"Oh, dear me.." He muttered to himself, watching Jack look down at his feet and turn red.

You didn't have to be a troll to know this boy was in love.

"She's beautiful, and she has the powers of winter, like me." Jack continued, ignoring North's remark.

He noticed he was talking about her in the present tense, but he didn't stop himself.

"Well, she sounds perfect! What's keeping you from her?" North asked, leaning forward and smiling.

"She's...she's dead." Jack spit out uneasily.

North quickly leaned back in his chair and stroked his white beard.

"Oh...I see. That's a bit of a problem." Jack nodded solemnly.

Indeed it was.

Before he could give it another thought, Jack spewed the whole story of Elsa right there in North's office.

"But, Frost, I though you said no one had ever seen you before your guardianship." North said, raising his eyebrows.

"The memories were all too painful...I liked pretending they didn't exist better." Jack said, rubbing his forehead.

"Well, maybe we ought to go to this place you picked to meet. Just to remember her. It's only fair you get a chance to grieve for what you lost. And this...this'll mark a new beginning for you. You can toss that past behind ya." North said, laying a protective hand on Jack's shoulder.

"That's probably for the best." Jack said quietly, nodding his head.

"So where is this place you picked?" North asked, and slowly Jack raised his head.

He got up and stood in front of the large map pinned on North's wall.

"New York City."

Jack rubbed his neck and grimaced.

"That snow globe sure isn't the best at landings.." He said, and North shrugged.

"You get used to it, I suppose." Jack quickly stood and closed his eyes, feeling the wind on his face.

He breathed in deeply and for the first time in many, many years allowed himself to remember Elsa.

The picture in his mind became clearer.

There she stood, smiling happily.

He watched as she ran her hand through her hair and batted her long eyelashes, both frosted with snow.

Another memory flashed before his eyes.

Elsa grabbed his sweater and pulled him in for their very first kiss.

He watched as she stood in his arms on the balcony of the ice castle.

Finally, his mind wandered to their very last night together.

He watched as Elsa softly let go of his hand for the last time, and he abruptly opened his eyes.

The expanse of New York City spread out before him, full of lights and bustling movement.

It was beautiful.

Over his time in this world he had seen many beautiful things, but nothing ever compared to Elsa.

He sunk to the ground and laid his head in his hands.

He looked up as he heard a soft, nervous giggle.

A voice pierced through the whistling wind, a voice he knew all too well.



It's here, it's here, it's hereeeee!

The long awaited part two is here!!

I hope you guys enjoy it.

I've got big plans for the upcoming story...muahaha.

Stay tuned!

~ Slipping_Away_Jelsa @Instagram

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