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After Elsa's death, Jack has been falling apart. Although he seems quite content as a guardian, his feelings for her still hold him back from true happiness. In this fanfic, Jack's problems will be solved, but it won't be an easy road. A dark force that has haunted Elsa's family for hundreds of years lurks in his way.

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8. Chapter Eight

"Where did Jack go?" North's mind began to fill with panic when Jack could not be found.

Tooth flittered around just above him, her wings nervously flapping at a higher speed than usual.

"Oh, no. He could be anywhere.." She mumbled to herself subconsciously.

Although she'd never admit it, a very small part of Tooth was jealous of Jack's obsession with Elsa.

Sure, Elsa may have known him first, but Tooth knew him now.

And she had been the one by his side as they fought Pitch, not Elsa.

Whenever these thoughts began to cross her mind, Tooth instead thought of the memories she had seen of Elsa's, and she was quickly reminded just how much the two deserved each other.

Besides, Tooth was much too busy to bother with a relationship.

She was the big, important, Tooth Fairy.

What did Elsa do?

Not much, she had plenty of time for Jack.

It was these occasional prideful talks Tooth gave herself that kept her together.

"Well, we best go looking for the boy." North said.

He was still grumpy from having been woken up early.

As soon as Tooth had noticed Jack's absence she feared the worst.

Who knows what Jack could be going through? 

The California weather was nice, but it did not compliment Jack well.

The warmth gave him a weird feeling, almost like he was melting.

He wondered what on earth Elsa would be doing here.

But maybe that was just it, the enemy had chosen to hide her where they'd least expect it.

He had to keep reminding himself that Elsa was worth it as he trudged through the sand on the beach.

Although he could have flown, he figured he might observe more on the ground.

However, so far, he was yet to find any traces of a mysterious dark force that haunts you in your dreams.

With the sun beating down on him, he finally found the address on the paper.

An old, tattered shack with the door swinging in the wind stood in front of him a few yards.

He was only a few yards from Elsa.

With this, he was suddenly given a final surge of energy to run for the shack.

Taking a deep breath, he stepped through the door way.

His breath caught when he noticed a small, hunched figure in the corner.

"E-Elsa?" He whispered, and she looked to him.

He jumped back against the wall when he saw that she had no face, just an empty black pit of nothing.

Slowly, she started to disintegrate as a deep chuckled filled the room.

The door swung shut and Jack grasped his staff tightly, ready to attack.

Slowly, he inched across the wall until he was in front of the door, one hand carefully grasping the door knob.

"Oh, Jack Frost. What you kids will do for 'love' these days.." The voice from his dreams bellowed around him.

It was much worse when he was awake.

"'Love,' you call it. Oh, but Jack Frost..." The voice said, and Jack felt a hand cupping his chin.

"Is love really meant to be this hard?" When he heard those words, Jack felt himself begin to shake with fear.

Those were the words he had been telling himself since the beginning, but he struggled to push them out of his mind.

"I'm going to keep fighting for Elsa, not matter how hard it is, because I love her." Jack yelled, and the voice laughed.

"But do you see what this is doing to you? Your love is a weakness, it's bringing you down. It's making you WEAK, Jack Frost." He felt a pang in his chest at the sound of that word.

Jack had only felt this weak once before, when he had not managed to save Sandy from Pitch.

He was determined not to feel that week again.

"No. No, my love is my strength." He said, shaking his head.

The voice sighed.

"How disappointing. Maybe a little nap will clear your head." Jack panicked and opened the door quickly.

Just as the California sunlight began to stream in, the darkness became thicker, and Jack's hands were at his throat.

He gasped for air but before he knew it, the darkness had enveloped him completely and there was nothing but silence.


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