Bullied for Being Gay

Niall Horan is gay and gets bullied for it. everything gets worse when he tells his parents and the start treating him differently. Liam Payne is a fighter and is feared by everyone. He is also gay but everyone knows not to mess with him. What happens when Liam suddenly gets transferred to Niall's school? Will they fall in love? Will Niall finally be accepted and loved again? Read to find out.


6. telling Liam

Niall's POV

   When I opened my eyes I was in my room, naked and sore. I cannot believe he took the only thing I had left. He took my virginity. How was I going to explain this to Liam? What if he doesn't want anything to do with me. What if he hates me. That last thought made me cry. I have to tell Liam. I quickly got up and got ready for school. I ran out the door and all the way to school. When I got to school I instantly saw Liam and his friends. I ran over to Liam and hugged him, crying into his chest.

  "Ni, what is it. Tell me what's wrong" Liam said, rubbing circles on my back. His friends were just staring at us.

  "H-he raped me L-Liam. My d-dad r-raped m-me" I sobbed into his chest. I thought Liam would push me off him, but instead he hugged me closer to him. I heard gasps come from his friends but chose to ignore it. I looked up at Liam and saw that he had tears in his eyes.

  "I am so sorry that happened to you Ni" Liam said, pulling me close. I am so confused. Doesn't he hate me for allowing that to happen.

   "D-don't you h-hate m-m-me" I sobbed, looking into his eyes. Liam and his friends looked at me in shock and confusion.

   "Why would I hate you" Liam asked me worriedly. I looked up at him as if to ask if he was joking. All he did was shake his head.

   "Because I am freak who just got raped by his own father" I said before the tears started to flow down my cheeks quickly.

   "Niall that is not your fault" His friend Zayn said. I looked over at him and saw him smiling at me.

  "What do you mean? I didn't even try to stop him" I said, looking him straight in the eye. He looked at me and stopped smiling. I knew it. Now that they know the truth they will want nothing more to do with me.

   "You were too scared to fight back. Listen, just because you didn't fight doesn't mean that we will hate you. It isn't your fault that this happened to you" Louis said, looking at me with sad eyes.

Louis' POV

   I feel so bad for him. Why the hell does he think that his dad forcefully fucking him is his fault. It just doesn't make any damn sense. What kind of father does that to their own fucking son. Man, I am so glad I am alone so I can think about this. Just then, I heard the bathroom door open. I look up and see Niall's bully walk in, followed by his friends. He looks over at me and smirks.

  "Oh, what do we have here? One of the faggots weak little friends. Looks like we are about to have some fun" the boy said, walking over to me.

   "What the fuck do you want Cody? I don't got time for your bullshit" I snapped. He just laughed and grabbed both of my arms.

   "I want you" he whispers into my ear. I looked at him in confusion. He wants me? Why the hell would he want me for.

   "What the fuck do you want me for" I shouted. He quickly put a hand over my mouth. I start struggling against his grip, but it only gets tighter; causing me to wince in pain.

   "Well, I need someone new to enjoy since your friend took Niall and my lover left me" Cody whispers into my ear. I look at him with terror in my eyes. My eyes widen as he reaches down and grabs my area. He pushes me up against the wall and pins my arms above my head with one hand; keeping his other hand over my mouth.

   "Now, do not scream. If you scream I will kill you and your friends" He says. I nod my head and he slowly removes his hand.

   "What do you mean 'someone new to enjoy'?" I questioned. Cody looked at me and smirked before bringing his lips down on my neck. I gasped as I felt him slide his hands underneath my shirt and up my chest.

   "P-p-please stop" I stammered as I felt him start to suck on my neck. He motions for his friends to leave before turning his attention back to me and ripping my shirt off.

   "Let's have fun shall we" he says before stripping the rest of our clothes off and thrusting into me, causing me to scream. "Oh, and don't tell anyone."

    (A/N) Hey guys sorry for the long wait, I got in trouble and couldn't use the laptop. Here's a notice. Cody is bisexual and against full on gays. twist in story, he is basically going to use Louis as a sex slave. He would use Niall but he is always around Liam. He chose Louis because that was the first one he found alone. Also, who wouldn't choose Louis. He is hot. Anyway, hope you like the story and also comment on what you think of the change.

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