Bullied for Being Gay

Niall Horan is gay and gets bullied for it. everything gets worse when he tells his parents and the start treating him differently. Liam Payne is a fighter and is feared by everyone. He is also gay but everyone knows not to mess with him. What happens when Liam suddenly gets transferred to Niall's school? Will they fall in love? Will Niall finally be accepted and loved again? Read to find out.


4. pounded again

Niall's POV

   I can't believe I finally have friends. The best part is Cody hasn't messed with me ever since I started hanging out with Liam and his friends. Today, Liam and the others don't have school, so I am really scared. I've been friends with Liam for three weeks and haven't got bashed once; but since the others won't be around me, it leaves me open to any poundings that Cody and his gang want to throw at me.

   "Hey loser, where do you think you're going" a voice behind me said. I quickly turn around and see Cody and his gang standing there.

   "Looks like you don't have your bodyguards or your boy friend today" Cody said, giving me an evil smile. I quickly took off running down the hall. I could hear Cody and his gang running after me. I felt Cody's body slam into me from behind.

  "You know what fag, I'm actually surprised that they accepted you into this school. The same goes for your boyfriend. Neither of you deserve to even be alive" Cody said, punching me in the stomach. I groaned in pain as Cody's fist collided with my ribs.

   "GET OFF OF HIM" someone shouted.

   I felt Cody being lifted off of me. I open my eyes a little and see the shadowy figure of Liam. I look around and see Zayn, Louis, and Harry all running over to me. I look back at Liam and see him punch Cody in the face. Cody falls to the ground clutching his, now heavily bleeding, nose. Liam runs over and kneels down beside me.

  "Niall, are you alright" Liam asks. I could hear the worry in his voice.

   "Yeah I'm fine" I say, staring into Liam's intoxicating brown eyes. I felt Liam pick me up and begin to carry me. I think that caused me to blush like crazy.

   "Awwww, Niall's blushing" Harry and Louis said in unison. I look at Liam and see him smiling down at me.

   "What are you guys doing here, I thought you didn't have classes today" I said, looking at all of them.

    "I left my laptop in my locker and the others came with me to get it" Liam said.

   "Thanks for helping me out back there Liam" I said quietly. Liam smiled.

    "It was nothing. I'm just glad you're okay" He said. Liam carried me all the way to his car and laid me down in the back seat. He climbed in the back with me and Louis got in the driver seat. Liam looked at me and smiled again. I swear every time he smiles at me, I feel like my insides are going to melt. I absolutely love the way he shows off his perfect teeth every single time he smiles.

   I didn't realize that I zoned out until I felt Liam shaking me, snapping me out of my thoughts. I looked around in confusion and realized that we had pulled up in front of Liam's house.

   "Niall, are you going to come in and stay with us" Liam asked, shaking my shoulders lightly. I slowly nodded my head and got out of the car. I followed them inside and gasped. This was my first time inside Liam's house and I am surprised at how big the inside of his house is.

   "You three go to the game room, I'm going to give Niall a tour of the house" Liam said. The others nodded and ran off. As soon as they were gone, Liam grabbed my hand and started pulling me upstairs. After he was done showing me around, he pulled me into his room. I looked at him in confusion.

   "I figured you and I could sit up here in my room and get to know each other better" he said, sitting down at the edge of his bed. I smiled and sat down beside him. So me and Liam sat up there for about an hour telling each other about ourselves. I looked at Liam while he looked at his phone, checking his facebook. I continued to look at him until he looked up and our eyes met. I quickly looked at the ground, feeling the heat rise up from my neck and to my cheeks. Liam chuckled.

   I looked up at him and our eyes met again. This time I didn't turn away. I leaned in closer to Liam, our lips a few inches apart. Liam did the same and closed the space between us. I felt fireworks explode in my stomach the minute his lips made contact with mine. His lips were so soft and felt right when they were against mine. Our lips moved in sync. I felt like me and him were the only two in the world. Liam pulled away and smiled at me.

   "That was amazing" He said. I slowly nodded my head in agreement, finding it hard to say anything.

   "Hey...um, Niall, I was wondering if you would like to go to the movies with me tomorrow" Liam asked, scratching the back of his neck. I stared at him in shock. I felt my stomach do cartwheels as I quickly nodded my head; my heart screaming with excitement.

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