my life at Hogwarts year one

Omg draco malfoy just appeared in my room am I dreaming that my dream has come true but if I'm a mudblood why is he talking to me.Find out more in this movella to see what happens to faith


7. the sorting

"So when I call your name you may sit on this stool and wait to be sorted " Professor McGonagall said

"Draco Malfoy" 

Draco stepped up omg what he doesn't get. In...


Everyone clapped but I clapped the loudest

"Faith Gaunt" 


I ran over to the far side/and sat down beside draco 

Everything is going perfect

Omg the next few  name drew my attention

"Beth McCullough"


"Harry Potter "


"Hermione Granger"


"Ron Weasley"


"Bethany Mcfall"

Seriously I can't believe she is here 

It actually took a while 


Everybody was shocked then everybody started clapping so Bethany ran over beside me

"Bethany how come your in Slytherin if you are muggle born"

"What does muggle born mean ?"

"It means a witch/wizard that has non magical parents"

"Oh but the sorting hat said I am adopted and that my parents died apparently I have a sister in this house same age as me"

"Did the hat say about who your parents are?"

"Yes it said that I am a gaunt whatever that meant"



"You know the way we always joked we were sisters"

"Yeah I'm pretty sure we never let anybody say we weren't"

"Well guess what..... We are sisters!!!!!!"

"What that is Amazing !!!!!"

Now for the last two boys up you come" Professor McGonagall said

"Ben Hamilton"

"Bethany god bens here"


"Oh Shit now we have Ben"

"Alan Taylor"


"Well Bethany at least you have your boyfriend in the same house as you "

"SHUT  UP!!!!"

"Jessica smith"



Jessica came and sat beside me 



"I'm Faith Gaunt"

"Yeah I know I'm Jessica smith"

"Can I ask you a question"


"Who is that black haired called over at that table" she pointed at the Gryffindor table

"Oh that's harry potter"

"He's cute and so is he" she pointed at draco

"Um.... He's kinda taken"

"By who"

And at that moment draco walked up to me and asked if I would go out with him

"Would you go out with me"


Then he kissed my cheek

 "Guess  who has a boyfriend in the same house now"

"Shut upp. Bethany"

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