my life at Hogwarts year one

Omg draco malfoy just appeared in my room am I dreaming that my dream has come true but if I'm a mudblood why is he talking to me.Find out more in this movella to see what happens to faith


9. first day of classes

The next day we all got our schedules, and we had potions with the Gryffindors, and I was excited about it.   

The only reason I was excited because if that little mudblood came anywhere near me I will literally kill her 

Our schedule


1st period - potions / Gryffindors

2nd period - herbology/ Gryffindors

3rd period -  transfiguration/ Hufflepuff

Free period 


4th period - flying lessons/Gryffindors


The same apart from 4th period - charms/Gryffindors


3rd period - astronomy


Nothing that day


The same as Thursday


"Right well what do you guys have?"

"Well I have the same as you" draco said 

"So do I"

"We better get to potions "

"Kk let's go"

"Wait  a minute Ben Alan come on" Bethany and I both said

"Excuse me we have another first year student that was late arriving so we will do the sorting now " dumbledore said

"Myra Ryan"


The dark haired girl walked over to our table so I introduced myself and draco,Bethany, Ben,alan

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