my life at Hogwarts year one

Omg draco malfoy just appeared in my room am I dreaming that my dream has come true but if I'm a mudblood why is he talking to me.Find out more in this movella to see what happens to faith


8. after the sorting

"Omg I can't believe that little mudblood is here at all because she's a filthy little muggle "

He laughs at me then says "your turning into a Slytherin already"

"Well what can I say I have got Slytherin in my blood "_still laughing

" you are one true Slytherin  faith " he said jokingly

All of a sudden I hear my name and then laughter coming from the Gryffindor table and guess what Beth McCullough was in the middle of it so I ran round to their table and told Beth she better shut her mouth or she will get my fist in her face of course everyone was listening already even the teachers 

But she didn't back down so like I do I right hook her in the face and then break her nose but of course I didn't get  into trouble but she did so she got a broken nose and 2 black eyes so it was funny to the Slytherins 

Bethany just gave me a look 

"What .... You knew my hatred for her"


So every Gryffindor has not said anything about me cause they know what would happen apart  from the golden trio no they fought for their friend but I don't see why they stick her


But Hermione Beth  Harry and Ron came up to me and the Slytherin s before we went to the common rooms and they got in trouble and they have to be in detention for a month


We just got in to the common room surprisingly it's very warm so I went up to my dorm and I was sharing  a room with pansy and Daphne and luckily Bethany

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