my life at Hogwarts year one

Omg draco malfoy just appeared in my room am I dreaming that my dream has come true but if I'm a mudblood why is he talking to me.Find out more in this movella to see what happens to faith


3. after the ball

Omg everyone was looking at draco I think my friend knows but she doesn't know about me

"OK that was the last song So James come on we have to go see your parents " 

But he wouldn't walk so I ended up dragging him away 

Finally we got out of the school and he ran off to ,I'm guessing, his dad

"Hello faith how are you" Lucius said to me 

"Hello Mr Malfoy " 

"Please call me Lucius" he said

"And I'm Narcissa " said his wife coming from behind him

"Well we better get going cause there is a complete and filthy muggle coming out that I hate called Beth McCullough" 

"Why don't we use the crucio cruse on her" Lucius said

"No please. I don't want you going to Azkaban" I pleaded

"Fine but if she ever does that again you can't stop me OK" Lucius said

And with that we appeared at a very beautiful manor


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