Real Life?

sequel to "What a dream"


2. Home

i woke up. Without opening my eyes i thought what happened. Did i realy just met One Direction? Is Niall Horan my boyfriend and if he is, why isn't he laing beside me? It must have been a dream. I sat up to see a completely strange room. White walls, nice far wood furniture  some pictueres which seemed to chose the family of someone. Too far to see who was on it. 

Where am I? It wasn't the bus nor my own room. I heard movements from a different room. It was a bathroom. I could hear water dripping on the ground. i heard the door opened and out stepped Niall. He had wrapped a small towel around his hips. He looked so perfect. Niall smiled at me in a familiar way but i couldn't guess why.

"What?" we both asked at the same.

"You  look-" again we both talked. he gestured me to talk first.

"You look so perfect. I thought it was just a dream." he moved to me sat infront of me and placed his lips on mine.

"This is exactly what i'm feeling evertime when i wake up. But then i see you beside me and can't stop being happy. It's like your my drug. I just need to see you and feel better." I kissed his lips again.

"It feels so unreal." he pushed me in the soft blakets and placed a kiss on my shoulder.

"But it is."



We ate breakfast and something in me told me something's wrong. I didn't knew what.

"Niall? Where exactly are we?" i realy had forgotten to ask where i am. Why so clever today?

"We're at home. This is my house."

"Why aren't we in the bus?"

"Why should we? the tour is over! Now we have just ourselves and can do what we want." he said and pulled me into a lingering kiss. but this time i didn't answered it. I couldn't.

"What's wrong?"

"I need to go home!"


*** HEY! Thanks for reading and i hope you like it i will try to update every week or more often! So please comment what do you think?

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