Real Life?

sequel to "What a dream"


1. Hello and Goodbye

Ruth's Pov:

The tour was fun and everthing went as perfect as it could. Niall was perfect and i loved the way he smiled while he was on stage he lit up like a star, ike a shooting star just that this light stays. it was wonderful. Harry and i ot along after half of the tour and i could talk to him without screaming, shouting or crying immediantly. Louis was like always, my brother. Liam always looked for us, Niall and me. That meant he regulary came and brought food so we wouldn't eat up ourselfes.

But i guess after the 40. concert i don't know. I was tired and i also missed some concerts before but i was getting annoyed. Somehow it always was the same. The tingeling in my stomach stopped. I couldn't help myself. It was so great beeing here but something in me was bored. I literally was BORED. I went to the bus and just lay in my cabin. It was kinda like a bed just on each side of the bus were i guess three above each other so we all could sleep in one bus. I mostly slept with Niall. Well i always slept in the same bed with Niall but today i felt different.

How could I? I started to listen music but i couldn't hear one song i like. I kept skipping for bout five minutes then i gave up and just crawled up under the blanked and fell asleep.


***Finally i got it... I mean i realy don't know how often i am going to update this because of the school and frields and the life outside my room. But tough i hope you'll like it. Please leave comments!

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