Princesses Don't Wear Converse

Princess Constance of England had an extravagant life and hated it. She hated spending four hundred dollars on a shirt when she could spend four dollars at a department store. She hated all the glitz and glam. She just wanted to be normal. That was exactly what Ashton Irwin could provide. Normality. If only she wasn't engaged to a prince...


6. Chapter Six

Connie's P.O.V.

"Could you be a little less harsh on the arm there dude, okay, this is the arm of a princess." I wriggled out of the palace security's tight grip on my elbow.

El glared at me and yelled, "Are you crazy?! You could've died out here! Don't do that ever again, okay!"

At first, I was confused as hell. But then I understood what she was doing. She was trying to look innocent in front of the palace guards.

I played along and muttered, "I won't."


I sat in one of the two uncomfortable black chair facing my mother's abnormally large oak desk in her office. I looked in front of me to see my mom  writing away on some letter and going through a pile of papers. I then turned to the left to see a guilty and tired looking El sat straight up with perfect posture. She weakly smiled at me and gave me a look, sorta like she was forgiving me with her eyes. 

Hell, she looked like a better princess than me, even in this state.

We sat there in uncomfortable silence waiting for mom to finish doing whatever she was doing. Eventually, she dropped her pen down on the desk and looked up at me and El, disappointment leaking out of her pores. 

"I know if I ask Eleanor for her side to the story, you will still talk over her, so you talk first Constance." she said in a monotone that kinda scared me.

"I left, mom. I sneaked out and then the guards found me. What do you want me to say? That I got raped and did drugs and robbed a bank in the couple hours I was out for? That I went to get some bombs so me and El could go kill the Prime Minister? No, mom, I actually did human things, like enjoy some good music at this cool concert." I said angrily, but still trying to remain calm.

But she acted like I didn't say anything out of turn and continued, "You could've gone to the concert, if you did what I ask you. Is it so hard to simply notify me of when you plan on leaving and take two guards? Why can't you just listen like your brother for once?"

Now I was sure steam was streaming out of my ears. I burst out of my seat, knocking the chair over backwards. It hit the cold wooden floorboards loudly. I yelled at her, "Well, I'm sorry mom! I'm sorry for not complying to your stupid rules! I'm sorry for wanting to have some peace and privacy, some time away from all the guards and palace and fancy crap! I'm sorry for wanting to be human! And I'm sincerely sorry that I'm not my annoyingly perfect brother!"

I was panting, trying to calm down a bit but my mom just looked at me with a expressionless face. "Why are you so convinced that I'm the bad guy? I'm trying to protect you. Hundreds of famous and important people have been assassinated because there was nobody to protect them. I don't want the same to happen to you, Constance."

I sighed heavily, stalked off to the big French doors in mom's study and opened it wildly.

"I don't need you to protect me anymore, mom, I'm twenty not six."

With that, I slammed the door closed and walked down the hall. I opened the small wooden door to my room and let all my tears run down my face. I sat down on my window seat and looked outside. I could see a little girl tugging at her mother's hand. I opened the window and tried to listen to what she was saying.

"I wish I could be a princess."

 I smiled and muttered to myself.

"I wish I could be you."















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