Princesses Don't Wear Converse

Princess Constance of England had an extravagant life and hated it. She hated spending four hundred dollars on a shirt when she could spend four dollars at a department store. She hated all the glitz and glam. She just wanted to be normal. That was exactly what Ashton Irwin could provide. Normality. If only she wasn't engaged to a prince...


1. Chapter One

Connie’s P.O.V.


 “Constance Cornelia Miriam van der Watson, how many times must I tell you to stop running through the house?!”

“No fair, Mommy! Charlie’s running too! Yell at him!”

“Charles, you know you have to set an example for your mischievous little sister,” Mom said calmly. I just grunted. Charlie nodded, apologized and walked away.

“Now you, Constance, you need to learn how to behave! If something was to happen to your brother, you would have to take the throne. This is not how a future queen should behave! And even if you don’t have to take the throne, this is not the behavior of a princess, or any child! Now go to your room!” she yelled at me. I screamed dramatically and ran to my room.

“It’s not fair, El! She acts like Charlie is an innocent angel but I’m devil spawn!” I fell back onto my huge pink four-poster bed.

 Eleanor de la Rosa, the cute seven-year-old Mexican child of my personal maid and assistant, Maria, sat on my plush, window seat and listened to me complain about my mother, like she always did. Maria was a live-in maid, so El was always there. Her father, on the other hand, was her mother’s ex-boyfriend who got deported. Fortunately, Maria and El both had their citizenship.

“Well, you should do what you always do,” she retorted.

“And what’s that?”

“Complain, make a master plan to sneak out of the palace without any form of security, get me involved somehow, get both of us in trouble, and risk my mother’s job and overall life.”

“Sure, but instead, let’s not get caught!”

Eleanor sighed heavily and shook her head.

“You’ll never just behave, will you?” she asked.

“I hope that question was rhetorical, because we both know the answer is no.”

Eleanor laughed. Charlie opened the door.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t know you were here. Um, I’ll just go...” he stuttered quietly. He always had a crush on her, I was sure of it but he would never admit it, not even to me. It didn’t bother me at all.

“No, um, I was just leaving anyway. Mom is probably looking for me.” She got up from her place on the seat.

“No you weren’t.” I had to stop her. I wasn’t done complaining yet.

“It’s fine, really. I didn’t even want anything from here. I’ll just go to the library for a book.” And with that, he was gone. As soon as he closed the door to our room, El punched my shoulder.

“Ouch!” I screamed in pain. “What was that for?”

“Why did you say that to him?! He probably thinks I’m all stuck-up now!” she argued.

“Oh, come on! Just admit you like him already! It’s so obvious; you’re both in love, El! Oh, I can see it now. A big fancy wedding, the way you say you want it, in a big chapel with a huge white wedding dress like my mother’s own. You two will be dancing all night long!” With that, I jumped off my bed, grabbed me teddy bear off the shelf and started ballroom dancing around the room with it.

El giggled. “Stop it! It’ll never happen anyway. I’m not of high class, not even middle class. I’m the child of some Mexican servant. Your mother would have a heart attack if anything like that happened.”

I dropped my teddy bear to the ground, ran up to her and violently grabbed her shoulders. With a gigantic smile on my face, I asked her, “So you do like him?”

“If I say yes, will you let me go?” she asked jokingly.

“Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. But we both know I don’t keep promises.”

“Then yes.”

I let go off her and started jumping and clapping excitedly. “Oh my gosh, this is awesome!”

“Constance, stop screaming! I can’t focus on my work with all the noise you’re making!” my mother said over the intercom. I pressed the button on the device and muttered, “Sorry.”

I let go the button and rolled my eyes. “You know how it is, El, you mustn’t disturb the Queen of England when she’s dealing with important matters.” I said sarcastically in a posh accent.

Eleanor laughed. “But you’re Princess Constance of England; you can do whatever you please.”

“Oh El, if only that was true.”


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