Princesses Don't Wear Converse

Princess Constance of England had an extravagant life and hated it. She hated spending four hundred dollars on a shirt when she could spend four dollars at a department store. She hated all the glitz and glam. She just wanted to be normal. That was exactly what Ashton Irwin could provide. Normality. If only she wasn't engaged to a prince...


4. Chapter Four

Connie’s P.O.V.

I got off the cold, hard ground, dusted the grass off my jeans and tied my bootlaces. I looked around. Nobody was around.

That’s strange, I thought. This was one of the busiest streets in England. Where was everybody? I took a few baby steps forward and peered around the corner. A long queue of teenage girls, some holding large signs and most taking countless photos, seemed to go around the block. I combed through my ‘hair’ with my fingers, took a few deep breaths and started to walk down the street.

The entire street was just a line of screaming girls. I turned on the corner and saw that the line started at the arena. The sign read, “5 Seconds of Summer - Sold Out.”

I smiled to myself. A concert. Exactly the thing I need.

I tapped the shoulder off a crying short red-head, standing on the other side of the barricade.

“Yes,” she tried to answer between sobs.

“This is a concert, right? A concert normal people would go to?” I asked her, still smiling.

“Uh, yeah,” she answered. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion but before she could ask a question, I ran off towards the entrance of the building.

“Come on, Ally, they’re opening the doors in, like, a minute!” A little girl with golden ponytails, no older than eight, was whining over the phone while dabbing at her eyes with a tissue.

A minute. Perfect timing.

The crowd of girls started dispersing into the arena. I kept nudging at the barricade with my leg until there was enough space for me to slide into the cluster of people.

“Ally, I would be an awful friend if I let you miss out on the most amazing experience of your life!” My Little Pony-tails reasoned through the phone. “Well, have fun at home.” She hung up. I slid in behind her and kept my head down and luckily, managed to avoid the ticket holder. If Ally wasn’t coming, then My Little Pony-tails would have a free seat beside her. I was lucky this time. This was a sold out concert, which meant no free seat.

I pushed the heavy door open and the cold air blasted on my hot face. I kept trudging along behind Pony until she came to her seat. I sat beside her and nobody seemed suspicious. I couldn’t help but smile. I was doing it. I was free. Mum wasn’t here to direct me and neither was the Buckingham Palace staff. I could do what I wanted. My smile grew into one the Cheshire cat would be proud of.

When this concert’s over, I’m going to break a freaking law. And if I get caught, so what? Mum wrote the damn laws. She could very well unwrite them.

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