one direction dirty imagens

Hey guys movellas deleted my last book if you want a chapter post the names of the boys


3. Sarah and Niall

   It was Tuesday and I was horny as fuck waiting for Niall to pull in my drive way I was in a slutty maids costume and a bright red thong just like he wanted.  Oh my god I can't wait to see her red thong and her tight ass and pussy I'm gonna fuck her so hard and get my girl pregnant just like she wants. I want to get pregnant with his child I hope I do because I love him so much and we are getting married.  He's  here oh god I'm so nervous but I know I wont regret this he just got home form work. Hi baby you ready hell yes I replied lets see then he rubbed me down there oh my your wet babe you are ready. I stared fucking her harder I heard her scream so I went faster and harder and came right in her tight pussy she came out her ass. shes so relived a week later she took a test and she pregnant.

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